How to Sell Used Underwear Online: [Step-by-Step Guide]

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Written By Nancy Munson

Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Selling used panties online?

Is that even a thing?

Well, guess what? It indeed is.

With people falling in the queue to purchase used underwear online, it has become an additional source of income for many. From $30 – $40 per pair, you can earn up to or more than $300 by selling used underwear online. Even though this is the average money you can make, your income can go upwards of thousands if you are good at marketing and have built a loyal customer base around you.

Don’t believe us?

Ask Yasmin Night (name changed), who received a whopping $60,000 for her used underwear. It is shocking to see how much a person paid to own a used panty, but you can’t deny and argue about the market for it. People with the kink for body fluid-soaked undergarments spend money to buy them to fulfill their fantasies or have sexual arousal. And sellers sell them as a side hustle to earn extra money in addition to their regular source of income.

So, why do people buy used underwear?

Is it profitable?

Is it legal to sell used underwear online?

Where can you sell used underwear?

How much can a seller make by selling used underwear?

If these are some of the questions bothering you, then you are at the right place to find your answers. In this article, we will discuss the above questions and many more to clarify your doubts about selling used underwear. And also guide you on the right path to start this as a side hustle if you find it interesting.

Do people buy used underwear?

Evidently, yes. Especially men who enjoy the scent of the female body buy used panties from the sellers. Many people on different platforms are looking to buy used underwear to fulfill their sexual fantasies for a given price. With buyers willing to spend thousands of dollars on those body scent-coated private garments of yours, you can believe in the existence of one such market.

For example, hear from Woody (name changed), who has been buying used underwear since he was 20, he claims he likes the odor of the used panties and has paid a highest of $662 (£550) to own a dirty pair. Like Woody, many people spend thousands of dollars to sniff someone’s private clothes to meet their sexual desire.

Buyer confessing that he had spent $4000 for women used panties

Why do people buy used underwear?

The main reason for people to buy used underwear is the smell it has from the user. Smell intoxicates most people in general and pushes them to like something. Look at the perfume companies, how they boast about women going crazy for men who use their perfumes. Old Spice, a famous lifestyle brand, went one step ahead and created a campaign called “smell like a man” to define their smell as manly. That is the power of smell.

And when it comes to sexual desires and fantasies, body scent has a certain level of influence on human psychology. Science has already proved the power of smell in animal mating and reproduction. Insects and mammals identify their mate by the scent of the fluid released and follow the same to find and mate with them. The fluid thus released by them is known as pheromones, which are used to communicate or to attract the same species for various intentions.

Until recent years, scientists could not find any concrete evidence of the pheromonal impact on human sexual desires. However, thorough research on the topic has enabled them to prove the influence of pheromones on the sexual mood of humans. A recent study by Austrian and Norwegian scientists concluded that pheromones had increased the sexual attraction and pleasure between two humans.

Pheromones in humans refer to sweat, urine, semen, and vaginal fluids. And where better to find these scents than in the garments that cover your private parts. Some people’s sexual libido increases with these smells, and they will spend money to buy the experience. 

People sexual libido increases with these smells, and they will spend money to buy the experience from used underwear online

With people willing to shed money on odors to improve their sexual pleasure, you can sell used underwear online to earn money as a side job.

Is it legal to sell used underwear?

Our research shows that selling used underwear is legal if the buying party is aware of it. With sellers from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, to name a few, selling their used panties online on different marketplaces (which we will discuss in the coming sections), we believe there should be no legal issues. However, as we are not lawyers, we would recommend you to do your research about your region for legal issues before you start selling used underwear online.

Things you can consider while selling underwear online

Here are some tips you can follow to ensure you are on the safe side of the law before you start this side hustle.

1. Disclosure

Although it is a given for buyers that they are getting used underwear, it is advisable to let them know what they are buying. Describe the product in detail on your posts to avoid ambiguity for the purchasers.

2. Sell used panties only to adults

As it relates to sexual intentions, make sure you sell your used underwear to adults. At times platforms you use will not take any legal responsibilities for such scenarios. However, being the seller, you will be liable for all legal consequences if you are found guilty of selling used underwear to underage people.

3. Use the right platform

Choosing the right platform is also one of the prominent aspects while selling used panties; not all marketplaces allow selling used knickers. And the marketplaces that do allow it have certain restrictions like the seller must be of age, produce documents for verification, etc. But, as a seller, you must also verify the website’s authenticity. Ensure the website keeps your data safe and private to avoid any data theft that could harm you in any possible way.

Now that we have covered some of the basics of the panty-selling business, let us talk money.

How to sell used panties online?

If you are one of those thinking about earning money by selling your used panties online and are confused about doing it, how? Then worry not. We shall provide a helpful step-by-step guide to clear your confusion and ease your stress about the market. 

So, whether you are a newbie trying to sell your first used panty or a pro who has already done it before but needs some help improving your sales, here is a list of some essential things you need to keep in mind when you start selling used underwear.

1. Pick the right platform/marketplace

It is one of the critical issues you have to address if and when you decide to sell used underwear. Choose such a platform where it is legal to sell used panties and would not land you in any legal mess for being in the business. The marketplace you select plays a significant role in determining your success and the amount of profit you make through your used panties selling business.

Key features that you have to look out for while choosing the platform to sell used underwear are:

  • Safety and security of you and your data 
  • The user interface of the website
  • Support system
  • Audience strength
  • Ways to promote your shop
  • Commission or any other charges
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Allows anonymity

If you check all these boxes before you land on a definitive marketplace, you should be in an excellent position to sell used underwear and make some money. In addition, we have listed some potential marketplaces that might interest you in starting your used panty shop in the upcoming section.

2. Write a good bio about yourself

Describing yourself in the best way possible will help you attract buyers quickly and easily. Your profile pic will do half the job of bringing the buyers to your page. But if you choose to be anonymous and have uploaded a profile pic with no face, then writing a good bio for yourself will help increase your number of customers. 

Look at the following bio of a panty seller on a reputed marketplace. 

Panty seller on a reputed marketplace

This type of description will raise their interest in your profile and help you sell more of your used panties to buyers who keep coming.

3. Be anonymous, if you want to

With selling used underwear for profit becoming a business among many, the question arises, can it be done anonymously?

Of course, you can. Most of the platforms that allow you to sell used panties have the facility to keep their sellers anonymous. So even though you must upload pictures of wearing those panties, you can always crop your head off from those pictures.

And as a legal place to sell used underwear, it is the website’s responsibility to keep your information private and away from wrongful predators. So, as a seller, you don’t have to worry about sharing your identity with anyone while selling used panties online.  You can hide your face and name from the buyers, and they can buy from you only by looking at your body. 

4. Promote proactively

With several women selling used underwear across different marketplaces, it becomes challenging to create a name for yourself and gain a hold of a customer base. To overcome this obstacle, promote your profile extensively when and where possible. But marketing your profile is also not easy. Mainstream social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., do not encourage the sale and promotion of this NSFW content on their platform.

So, sellers must promote their products on the platforms they sell and on any social media that allows NSFW content. Reddit can be one of the best places to sell and advertise used underwear. With no restriction on the platform, you can create a subreddit to link to your profile on a different platform and promote your profile. Or you can join a community that sells used panties on Reddit itself. 

Always post high-quality images and videos of you wearing the panties under your profile. It will increase your buyer’s interest and help you stand out from the crowd.

5. Engage with the buyers

Another essential technique to increase sales and mark yourself in the industry is getting to know your buyers. Talking to them regularly and answering their questions will help you understand your customers better and keep them loyal to your profile.

Consistent engagement with the buyer will help buyers open up to you about their fantasies. And depending on their fantasies, you can choose whether to do it and charge accordingly. This way, you can increase your customer base, and profit in the selling used underwear marketplace.

Ask for any kind of scents they would like on your used panty so that you can sell them at a higher price. Some of the most requested scents are :

  • Everyday wear – Wear the underwear for a day or more and then sell them.
  • Masturbation – Wear the underwear while you masturbate.
  • Sex – Underwear that you wore during sexual intercourse.
  • Urine – Underwear with the smell of pee in it.
  • Mensuration – Underwear that you wore during your periods.
  • Sweat – Underwear you wear during a workout or outdoor activity.

6. Provide a clear description of the used underwear

A good product description will always help you become a good salesperson. And in this case, it cannot be any less accurate. For example, describe the scent, the hours you have worn, the places you have worn to, etc., along with the image of your used panty during your sale. In addition, it will help you increase your authenticity and promote your product among the buyers.

7. Ship like a pro

Most websites that sell used underwear will ask the sellers to ship the used panties. So it becomes your responsibility to ship the panties carefully before sending them to the buyer. Use a ziplock to retain the scent from the panties and wrap it in bubble wrap to avoid damage. Pack the panties in a box as discreetly as possible and let the shipping agency know it as sportswear or regular clothes if asked.

Use a PO Box address for the returns to avoid buyers knowing your actual address. You can send an image or two wearing those to give a personal touch.

8. Use trusted payment methods

Like shipping, choosing payment methods is also up to the sellers while selling used panties online by most websites. Therefore select a payment method that best suits you and your buyers to complete the transaction. Some widely used payment methods are Venmo, Cash app, Skrill, Amazon gift card, etc.

9. Be safe

The most important thing for women selling used underwear online is to be safe. Make sure the platforms you use or the buyers you sell don’t have any personal details of yours. Keep everything as discreet as possible. With plenty of predators waiting to pounce on you, one wrong move from you can land you in trouble.

Don’t share your email address, mobile phone number, or house address anywhere or with anyone while selling used panties online. Instead, use a pseudonym or a stage name to perform your transaction. Keep the conversation outside your real life and engage only in a transactional manner.

How much can I make by selling used underwear?

To be honest, there is no exact figure when it comes to the numbers while selling used panties online. On average, a seller makes $30 – $40 per pair for their dirty knickers. The minimum for a used pair of underwear is $20, and you can make at least $200 for the month from this side gig.

You can always charge buyers more than usual for custom requests. For example, some buyers would like you to wear the underwear for 24 hours. Or they may request you to wear them to the gym. You can always charge the buyers extra for their custom requests. Masturbation panties, panties with the smell of pee, panties worn during menstruation, etc., will help you earn more. And purchasers will be willing to pay extra to fulfill their kinkiness.

Make sure you know the market and set the right price before selling used underwear online. Underpricing the product might result in losses, and overpricing might lead to losing buyers. So, fix the price right before you sell used underwear online.

Women saying that fix the price right before you sell used underwear online

Models with an excellent reputation and reach earn an estimated maximum of $3300 by selling their underwear. It all depends on how you market your product and have built your reputation. With proper tools and techniques, you can easily earn nearly $1000 per month by selling used panties.

Where can I sell used underwear?

As selling used panties falls under the NSFW category, many social media feed platforms ban it from posting. Social media giants like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., delete the post in a heartbeat, forcing the sellers to find a different place to advertise and sell used panties.

Also, many still consider selling used underwear taboo and is not for everyone. However, the evolution of the adult industry has helped create marketplaces for many such taboo things. There are plenty of websites operating legally to sell your used panties online. And in this section, we shall discuss some of the best places to sell used underwear online.

1. Pantydeal – Most recommended website to sell used panties online

Pantlydeal is one of the best websites to sell used underwear online. Sellers can sign up for free to start selling used underwear to buyers. Once signed up, the website asks for age and address proof to complete verification. Post verification, you can begin selling used panties online. 

All your details will be confidential and will not be shared with the buyers or any third parties associated with the website. You can also maintain anonymity on this marketplace and choose not to show your face in the images you post to advertise your used underwear. You will do the shipping, and you can use a PO box address for any returns and to be safe from stalkers. There is also no restriction on your payment method to get paid by selling your used panties.

2. Snifffr – Widely used website to sell used underwear online

Sinifffr is another widely used platform to sell used underwear online. It is a sophisticated platform with plenty of options to market and sell used panties to buyers. After free signup and verification, you can choose to be a premium member of the website by paying $10.75 per month or $27.95 for 3 months or $49.95 for 6.

Snifffr has the privilege to keep the payments by the buyers in an escrow account during the transaction. Buyers will deposit Snifffr coins in this escrow account and release them when a seller sells the used panties in the promised state. Along with Snifffr coins, you can also use the standard payment methods of your choice to complete the transaction. Shipping has to be done by the seller. The platform allows its users to be anonymous while using the platform.

3. Sofiagray – Simplest website to sell used underwear online

A simplistic website that permits you to set up your shop and sell used underwear online. It allows you to keep all the profits from the sale to yourself. However, you need to pay a fee of $24.99 quarterly or $62.49 yearly to use the platform to sell used panties. Payment methods can be of your choice, and shipping has to be done by the seller.

You can maintain anonymity while selling used underwear. Usual chatting and messaging services are enabled on the platform to receive custom requests by the buyers. With thousands of potential buyers registered on the website, Sofiagray can help you earn thousands by selling used panties.

4. Allthingsworn – Most rated user friendly website to sell used underwear online

At Allthingsworn, you can sell used underwear anonymously with ease. Signing up and registration are free on the website. However, you can pay a fee of $14.99 monthly or $69.99 half-yearly to gain premium access and full benefits to the platform. With a premium membership, you will unlock features like selling unlimited used panties, sending unlimited messages to buyers, posting unlimited posts, etc.

The platform accepts no hidden or commission charges. So whatever you make by selling used panties through the platform, you keep it for yourself. Shipping the product to the buyer is your responsibility. And you can accept any mode of payment for the transaction. Along with selling used panties, you can also use the platform to sell other used clothes.

5. Reddit – Easiest platform to sell used underwear online

Reddit must be one of the easiest and best places to sell used panties online. This social media giant plays host to numerous categories. And amongst them selling used underwear is also one. Once you consent, you are over 18 after the registration process on Reddit; you can sell used panties online through many available subreddits. Few subreddits that allow you to sell used underwear are;

With an easy sign-up and registration process, Reddit is one of the go-to places to sell used panties online. However, you should always follow community guidelines to use the platform for selling used underwear. Shipping has to be taken care of by you, and the payment method can be anything of your choice. Even though it is a social media platform, you can still be anonymous and hide your true identity from the public while selling your used knickers.

Other than the platforms mentioned above, you can also use adult content creation spaces like Fanvue, OnlyFans, Fansly, etc., to sell used underwear online.


Many women are selling used underwear online as an extra source of income. People with a fetish for certain human scents spend thousands of dollars on used panties to increase their sexual pleasure. With a massive market for buyers and sellers, selling used underwear has become a good side hustle to earn extra income.

Being a risky business, you must be careful before indulging in it. Hopefully, this article will guide you through the process of being a used panty seller online

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