How Much Can You Make From Selling Used Panties Online?

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Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

When many of us were thinking about what we could sell on the internet to make money, few had already thought of something outrageous – Used panties.

Yes, you read it right. 

With the possibility of earning thousands of dollars from panty fetish people, the used underwear selling business has increased interest in the recent past. Many marketplaces are providing platforms for interested sellers to sell their smell-soaked private wear legally.

And if you are one of those people who want to enter this business but don’t know how to sell used underwear online and make money from it, then you are at the right place to find your answers. So here we shall answer your burning questions like:

  • How much can you sell used underwear for?
  • How much should you charge for your used panties?
  • How much for used panties?

This article discusses all your questions regarding this emerging side gig helping several women earn extra money along with their 9 to 5 jobs.

Is there a market for selling used panties?

There is a significant market for buying and selling used panties online. People have different sexual fantasies; among them is smelling used panties. The intoxicating smell of used panties acts as arousal for many and increases their sexual pleasure during the course.

And people with these kinks look for sellers every time to fulfill their sexual desires. As a result of the increase in this demand, the used underwear market has evolved substantially. For example, a seller named Lady Kitten sold her three-week worn underwear for $5000 on craigslist in 2016.

If it was the case in 2016, imagine now. The evolution of the internet, social media, and growth in the adult industry have helped used panty selling business to portray as a valid method to generate revenue.

Many websites are operating legally to connect buyers with sellers and make money through it. With no sign of a reduction in the number of used panty lovers, the market is potentially huge for new and established sellers to make some extra money.

Why do people sell used panties?

Selling used underwear online business has gained enough traction in the recent past. The main reason why people sell used panties is that they can earn extra by doing this side hustle, along with their regular source of income. The monetary investment is minimal compared to the profit you can make from selling. On top of that, people simply love the smell of used panties and spend thousands of dollars to get their hands on one.

And if you think it is just for the sex workers or adult industry workers, then you are mistaken. Many women with routine jobs do sell used panties online as well. From university students to homemakers, most of them have adopted this business to increase their bank balance.

Look at this college-going student who earned $1700 a month by selling used panties online. With a chance to make thousands of dollars by selling a piece of garment bought at a mere $10 – $20, why would you not want to sell used panties online?

How much can you charge for a pair of used underwear?

Even though we cannot answer this question definitively, we can give an estimate of how much you can charge based on previous data. On average, a pair of used panties are sold for somewhere between $30 to $40. This average price is not set in stone, and a seller can decide their price depending on their demand and popularity.

Some of the factors that ought to be considered before you set the price for used pantie are:

  • Original price of the underwear
  • Shipping charges (including packaging)
  • Currency conversion charge (for international transactions)
  • The profit you want to make from the sale

Custom requests

You can also charge buyers extra for their custom requests. For example, you can charge twice or thrice your regular fees for a panty that you wore for a requested number of hours from your buyer. Similarly, panties worn to the gym, during sex, masturbation, menstruation, etc., can be sold at a higher price than the regular ones.

Also, the panty’s material, color, and occasion worn can be the deciding factors while selling used underwear online.

During your initial days, it might be difficult to charge higher and earn more profit through your sales. But as you gain popularity and build a customer base around yourself, you charge more than the average price.

Make sure you don’t overprice the used underwear, as buyers might look for cheaper and better options. Also, don’t underprice yourself, as you might lose profit and be labeled a cheap brand. So always know your worth and price accordingly for your worn underwear.

Again, how much you sell your used panties is entirely up to your popularity and the customer base. If in doubt, always use your fellow sellers’ profiles as a blueprint to set the right price.

Here is an example from one of the established panty sellers on how much you can charge for your used underwear:

example from one of the established panty sellers on how much you can charge for your used underwear

How much can you make selling your used underwear?

Ask any used panty sellers on any platform about how much you can make from selling panties, and you will get different answers from each. Depending on your popularity, involvement in the business, and marketing skills, you can make any amount of money by selling worn underwear. With the unlimited earning capability, sellers can mint thousands of dollars by selling their dirty knickers.

Some sellers on various platforms make thousands of dollars, while others have to settle for the bare minimum. Look at Tatiana Bee, earning £4,000 ($4,823) monthly just by selling used underwear. Like Tatiana, many other reputed sellers make an estimated maximum of $3,300 based on their popularity.

But not everyone is as famous as Tatiana. Some not-so-renowned sellers generate an average revenue of $200 to $300 as their monthly income, which is not an inadequate amount of money, considering it is a side hustle.

Furthermore, the amount of money you make through used panty selling is only determined by the community you have built around your panty store. The more followers you have, the higher the chances of earning more.

And how do you increase your earnings and sales? We will talk about it in the next section.

How to make more money from selling used underwear?

Used panty selling business is not how it was a few years before. A handful of platforms and a few sellers made it easy. But, with numerous platforms and plenty of sellers in the market, the competition is fierce. So, if you are trying to make a name, and earn more money from this side hustle, then here are some steps that successful worn underwear sellers practice;

Preserve the scent on panties

Selling used panties is all about the smell it has on them. If it loses its odor, the panty is not of any value. So as a seller, your primary task is to maintain and preserve your scent on the panty.

While shipping, you can use ziplock bags to pack and store the used panties. Ziplocks are airtight and shall not allow any external agents to tamper with the smell of the panties. And it goes without saying, pack in a different ziplock if you have more than one panty to ship out. 

Along with regular ziplock, some use vacuum sealers to pack and preserve the scent of the used panty. Vacuumed bags help to maintain different scent zones of the used underwear. Sealing the used panties in vacuumed bags keeps the panties fresh and feels like the panty was just removed from the wearer’s body. 

Once sealed in the airtight bag, wrap it with bubble wrap to avoid any physical damage. You can also use bubble wrap envelopes to have it easy.

Sending wet panties

Another way to mark yourself in the used panty selling business is to send wet panties to your buyers. Many sellers do this to maintain authenticity and make the buyers feel that they have the panty directly from the wearer’s body after orgasm.

Packing wet panties takes more of your time and effort. You need to wrap the gusset of the damp panty and then put it in a ziplock or vacuum sealer. However, wet panties can only be shipped to a shorter distance. It might not work well if you send it internationally or to a place that takes longer to reach.

Discreet and personalized packing

Even though buying worn panties is a huge market now, buyers love to be discreet about them. Also, the postal and courier companies will not even touch your package if they get any whiff of what is in your package.

So, pack the ziplocked or vacuum sealed panty in a regular box before shipping it to the buyer. Don’t do any fancy work on the box that might attract unwanted attention from the shipping agencies. Instead, keep it plain and simple and let the shipping agency know it as regular clothes, sportswear, or gifts to avoid suspicion.

Doing anything fancy outside or on the box is not advisable; however, you can do most things inside the box to keep your buyer happy. For example, you can place a bunch of photographs wearing the panty you are sending, pen a letter of what you did wearing that panty, or put some candies in the box to give it a personal touch.

Use reliable payment methods

With most of the platforms allowing the sellers to choose the payment methods, it is your responsibility to choose the right one. The payment method you choose should let the buyer complete the payment efficiently and without any hassle.

Too many unsuccessful payments or payment returns may irate the buyer to leave you for good in search of a different seller. Some of the widely used payment methods by the sellers are Venmo, Cash App, Skrill, Amazon gift cards, etc.

A few also use PayPal. But if PayPal comes to know about your business, then there are chances that they might block you and your buyer from using their services.

Following these tips increases the price of selling used panties online. Also, it shall make your buyers loyal to your profile and help you create a customer base for yourself.

Is it just used panties or anything else?

Other than used panties, sellers can sell a few of the following used things to earn money on available platforms;

  • Bras: If some like panties, then few others get turned on by the bras you wear. You can sell your bosom covers for a price online.
  • Stockings: This thin, flimsy wear that wraps around your legs is a valuable asset on the used cloth market.
  • Pantyhose: This single piece of cloth that goes from your feet to your waist can help you earn extra money if you like selling it after wearing it once.
  • Socks: Feet fetish lovers like the smell of your feet and would love to spend money to own them.
  • Slippers: Another set of collectibles for feet fetish lovers to fulfill their fantasies.
  • Negligee: This nightwear can be sold to someone for a price to spend their lonely nights.

Is it safe to sell used panties online?

Selling used panties online is within the vicinity of the sex working industry. So, safety from wrongful people is a concern in this business. You can ensure your safety and security by following these practices.

  • Be anonymous: Almost all the used panty selling platforms allow you to be an anonymous seller. It doesn’t affect your sale as long as you post the right images of you wearing the panty you are selling. You can always crop or hide your face from the image you post for sale.
  • Privacy policies and terms of usage of the platform: Always read the privacy policies and terms of usage of the websites you use to sell used panties online. Even though most websites comply with government regulations to keep your data safe, it is your responsibility to double-check to keep yourself away from harm.
  • Don’t share your personal details with buyers: Ensure you don’t share your postal address, email, or phone number with any buyers for any reason. You can always use the platform’s chat facility to communicate with the buyer. And use the PO box for shipping and returns purposes.

Following these allows you to be safe and secure from predators and help you profitably conduct your used panty selling business.


Anyone interested can sell used underwear online as a side hustle to earn extra money. With many platforms operating legally, sellers don’t have to worry about the marketplace to sell their products. Being an anonymous seller, you can make thousands of dollars per month by selling your used underwear and adding it to your bank balance.

Hopefully, this post was able to answer your question, how much do you make selling used underwear? Follow the practices and steps mentioned in the post to get the most of this evolving business.

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