How to Make Money By Selling Used Panties on Instagram?

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Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Selling used panties online has become a major money-making side hustle for many women. With panty fetish lovers spending thousands of dollars to fulfill their fantasies, women not even related to the adult industry have started selling used panties. Plenty of websites are operating as legal marketplaces to connect interested buyers and sellers.

Among those many, Instagram is also one of the platforms sellers can use to sell and promote the sale of used panties online. As we all know, Instagram is a social media giant used to share photos and videos of our favorite memories with our loved ones. It also acts as a fantastic channel to promote your business and build a customer base around.

However, selling used underwear is not so easy on Instagram as opposed to many other used panty selling websites. There are specific rules and regulations that you as a seller must oblige to become a used panty seller on Instagram.

In this article, we shall look at some of the rules to follow while selling used panties on Instagram and answer whether;

  • Is it possible to sell used panties on Instagram?
  • If yes, how do you sell used panties on Instagram?
  • Can we promote the sale of used panties on Instagram?

Why delay? Let us dive into the details of selling used underwear on Instagram.

Can I sell used panties on Instagram?

Yes, you can sell used panties on Instagram under your profile. But it is not straightforward like many other used panty selling platforms. On typical used panty selling websites, you sign up, create a profile, post pictures of yourself in the panty and start selling. 

But on Instagram, it is not that easy. Instagram has regulations for posting nude and NSFW content. It keeps monitoring the content and deletes it if found inappropriate. You might also get banned from the platform if you keep reposting the same after several deletions.

So while trying to sell used panties on Instagram, you must take extra care. And how do we achieve it? We shall take a look in the next section.

How to sell used panties on Instagram?

The “No Nudity” rule on Instagram makes it difficult for sellers to sell their used panties on the platform. But you can also not ignore the platform because of its billions of users and the traffic it generates from its user base. So here are some tips and tricks to using Instagram as a marketplace to sell your used panties.

Post images only of your used panties

Even though Instagram restricts posting nude content on its platform, it does not restrict its users from posting underwear as an image. So as a seller, you can just post the picture of the panties you are selling with a detailed description.

For example, look at the following Instagram profile who has posted just the images of the panties she is trying to sell. 

Instagram profile who has posted just the images of the panties she is trying to sell

Use semi-nude and less vulgar images

Using just the pics of panties would do the job sometimes. But when buyers become suspicious about the authenticity of the used panty, then using just the panties images won’t do any good.

In those instances, you can use an image of yours that is less obscene wearing the panty to initiate the sale.

Instagram used seller panties uses an image of her that is less obscene wearing the panty to initiate the sale

The above post is not too obscene or vulgar for Instagram to remove from its platform. And you can use those images to prove to your buyers that you wore them and are selling the panties with your scent on them.

Even with all this carefulness, Instagram might still delete your post and account to sell used panties. But you can still use the platform to promote your used panty store present on a different website.

How to promote a used panties store on Instagram?

If you find it difficult to sell used panties on Instagram, you can always use the platform just to promote your store present on a different website. By complying with the rules and regulations of the platform, you can promote your store and gain followers from this platform with over a billion users.

Some techniques to divert traffic from your Instagram account to your panty store;

Mention the links of your panty store on your IG account

One of the easiest ways to attract traffic from Instagram is to mention the link of your used panty store on your regular Instagram account. You can describe yourself as a used panty seller in the bio and provide a link to your store. 

You can also add one or two discreet images of you wearing panties that are not against Instagram’s policies. It will prove your credibility and divert the traffic to your actual website, where you sell used panties.

Instagram user mentioning the links of panty store on her IG account

Instagram user mentioning the links of panty store her IG account








Above are examples of those who follow the same technique to improve their used panty sales.

Use trending hashtags

Using proper and trending hashtags is one of the basic rules of using Instagram to keep yourself relevant and attract followers in your area of interest. Some of the hashtags that you can use are;

#usedpanties, #fetish, #usedthongs, #buyusedpanties, #usedpantys, #buymypanties, #pantiesforsale, #dirtypanties, #usedpantiesforsale.

Use variations of hashtags

Instagram, at times, considers some of the tags that include words such as sex, sexy, panties, erotic, etc., as NSFW. And it removes the tags and content immediately. 

In this instance, you can use some variations to keep the hashtags so that it means something to your potential buyers and also escape from Instagram’s radar.

For example, sex can be written as s3x, erotic as er0tic, panties as pant!3s, etc. This way, you can keep the hashtags on Instagram to gain traffic to your used panty selling website.


Instagram is a social media giant, and missing out on its traffic would be a cardinal sin for any social media user. Prohibition of using and promoting NSFW content could be a slight obstruction for used panty sellers. However, following the tricks and techniques mentioned above can help you escape the watching eyes of Instagram to gain followers and traffic to your website.

Important: Whether you are using Instagram directly or indirectly to promote or sell used panties, it is always important to mark your profile as 18+ so that Instagram can give some leniency on the posts you publish.

Hopefully, this article will come in handy in selling your used panties on Instagram.

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