Fanvue Review: Is it a Legit Site for Adult Creators?

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Written By Nancy Munson

Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

With a whole lot of adult content creation platforms available for adult creators, it is a valid question to ask; Why choose Fanvue? And as a creator, it is your primary prerequisite to know about the platform’s pros and cons that you will use and trust to generate enough revenue for you. Well, in this Fanvue review, we shall try to answer this and many more questions you have about one of the most liked adult content creation spaces in the market.

Before Fanvue gained popularity in the adult creators industry, OnlyFans had the monopoly. But the uncertainty of hosting adult content and less impressive features caused the battle of Fanvue vs. OnlyFans to swing in favor of Fanvue. With over 167,000 creators and counting, Fanvue is trying to reach the pinnacle of the multi-billion dollar adult content industry.

Even though it is a fruitful industry, and you can earn enough money from posting NSFW content, there is always a certain amount of risk involved. WIth data safety and legitimacy of the business always being a concern, it is natural for creators to have questions about Fanvue before choosing it as their platform to post adult content. So, if you are a creator and have questions like,

  • Is Fanvue a safe site?
  • Is Fanvue legitimate?
  • Is it safe to post content on Fanvue?

Then you are in the right place and hands to find your answers. This article will clarify your doubts about the much-talked topic: Fanvue as an adult content creator space.

So, why wait- let’s just jump right in.

What is Fanvue?

To answer it in simple terms, it is a content hosting platform (majorly adult) that allows the creators to post content of their choice and share it with their followers. Founded in March 2020 by William Monange and a YouTuber Joel Morris (JMX), Fanvue aims to provide a platform for all types of content until and unless it aligns with the terms of usage of the platform.

Working on a subscription-based model, creators charge a subscription fee for their posts and content to be accessible by the users. If the user likes the content and its creators, they pay the subscription charge and start enjoying the content. The creators shall generate their revenue through the user’s subscription fee.

With a simple enough approach for posting content to their fans, Fanvue has garnered a massive fanbase as a platform. People simply love to be on it to share their content. 

Adult Creators review about Fanvue

How does it work?

Now that we know what Fanvue is, let us see how it works? Since it is a subscription-based business with two entities, i.e., creators and users, it works differently for both. And this section tries to answer how a creator and user can work on Fanvue and get the maximum benefit from it.


Becoming a creator on Fanvue is easier. You can sign up using your Google or Twitter credentials or any email id of your choice. Once signed up, you must upload your ID, age, and address proof for verification to set up your profile, which takes minutes to complete. Post verification, you can start uploading the content and start earning through your content. You can either charge a subscription fee for your whole profile, charge per post (PPV), or sell it for free to attract subscribers; it is all up to you.

See how simple it is to be a creator on Fanvue. Don’t trust us? 

Hear it from creators who moved from a different platform to Fanvue.

Fanvue payout review of an adult creator

Also, appropriate safety and security measures to safeguard your privacy and data make Fanvue a safe site to use.


If you thought becoming a creator was easy, you will jump with joy if you hear the user sign-up part.

You only need a valid email ID to create a user profile on Fanvue. You can also use your Google and Twitter login credentials to complete your signup. If you are through Google or Twitter, your age verification will be done automatically. Or else, you must consent to be over 18 to access age-restricted content if you use any other sign-up method. Complete the payment information to pay and subscribe to your favorite creators, and start enjoying the content. No further verification is required.

Following rules and regulations put by authorities to post adult content make Fanvue legitimate for the user’s use. So, if your country allows you to access Fanvue without restriction, you can access its content without worrying about its legitimacy. 

Is Fanvue a legit website?

To answer it simply, Yes. 

Whenever you are trying to access any adult content space, it is natural to worry about its legitimacy. But for Fanvue, it is not a concern. It conducts business legally by adhering to all the rules and regulations established by authorities for posting content on its platform. A thorough research through their terms and conditions page, privacy policies, and security will confirm that Fanvue is legitimate and can be used by anyone unless and until you meet the legal requirements.

But if you are in a region where viewing adult content is banned entirely, and you cannot access the Fanvue website itself, you might have to think before accessing Fanvue from that region. As a business and website, Fanvue is as legal as your online shopping website. With everyone lauding it for its fast pay and no complaints regarding any scams proves Fanvue legitimate to conduct business.

Fanvue is a legit site says ellie may

How safe is it to use Fanvue?

Being an adult creator, a question that bugs everyone; is Fanvue safe?

Fanvue and its creators answer that question compellingly with a resounding yes.

Fanvue adheres to the GDPR policy and keeps all the data and information of its creators and users safe. So, whether you’re a creator who doesn’t like showing your face to the camera or a creator who is completely naked in front of the camera, Fanvue has your safety covered. With strict privacy policies and tight security guidelines, Fanvue protects your data from falling into the wrong hands. 

Fanvue allows creators to block specific regions or users from accessing their content. This way, you can hide your profile from the people you don’t want to watch your content. Also, you can use a stage name to share your content online, hide your real name from the world, and keep yourself safe from wrongful predators. Of course, you still have to share your real information, such as your real name, valid ID, and payment information, even to use your stage name. However, Fanvue will only use the real information for verification and payment for your content.

Even Kitty Nacre (@nacrevictoire) from Fanvue agrees with us about Fanvue’s safety.

Fanvue Instagram review

These policies and guidelines make Fanvue safe and convince creators to choose it over other platforms.

How does Fanvue differ from other platforms?

With N number of platforms available for you to post your content, why choose Fanvue?

The answer to your question is that there are some aspects which Fanvue does better than its competitors. For example, great support, user-friendly website, quick payout, etc., have made Fanvue a likable platform for adult content creators.


One of the most appreciated aspects of the Fanvue is its support. You have FAQ pages, Help & Support articles, and a dedicated live chat support team to assist you with any difficulties you face while using the platform. Also, there is a professional development team to integrate any compatible feature which you might feel will improve the user experience on the website.

An Adult creators says Fanvue support is better than OnlyFans

Along with technical support, Fanvue also supports its creators to increase their subscribers and improve their content and revenue. By setting up fan pages, communities, and threads, Fanvue creates a forum for creators to share the best practices to attract and retain subscribers.

“Big thank you to @fanvue for organising an event to get content. It’s amazing to see a site that really does care for their creators and go that extra mile.”

Lola Wolfe,@avocadhoe33, via Twitter

Fanvue model review

Adult creator is comparing OnlyFans and Fanvue

Creators often laud Fanvue for its uncompromised support compared to other platforms they use and talk positively about it amongst fellow creators.

Promotional Video

Another brilliant feature that separates Fanvue from its competitors is the ability to post promotional videos for the creators’ profiles. Creators can shoot and upload a short video that acts like a teaser to their whole profile and the content they post. So instead of the regular bio on many other platforms, you can give an actual glimpse of what subscribers can expect from you through the promotional video. 

Promotional Video Feature On Fanvue

This promotional video or teaser is accessible for both subscribed and non-subscribed users. It is beneficial for both creators and users. Users can look at the teaser and decide to subscribe, while creators can attract new users without giving away too much before the subscription. The promotional video keeps your remaining content on Fanvue safe from non-monetizing and allows users a peek at your content style.


Being an adult content creator, it is very much vital that you get noticed by the audience. And if the platform you use has a poor algorithm and does nothing for you to get attention, then you are doomed.  

Discoverability Feature On Fanvue

With Fanvue, it is different. It has a feature similar to the Instagram feed known as “Discover,” which brings creators’ content to users’ dashboards based on their search. This feature helps you promote your profile amongst users who like similar content and gain new subscribers. Fanvue reduces creators’ content marketing tasks and does half their job.


Bonnie, in her tweet, summarized all arguments in one sentence. “A platform that cares about creators”. Fanvue is increasing its popularity and users in the adult content industry with great support and features. Talk to any Fanvue creator, and they shall give you only positive Fanvue reviews. The ever-increasing users of Fanvue justify this statement. You can check the numbers increasing on their homepage as we speak. 

Adult creator review about the fanvue platform

With good privacy and security policies, Fanvue is safe and legit for posting and watching adult content online. This itself can be the biggest reason for any creator to join Fanvue. Hopefully, this article has clarified your doubt about whether Fanvue is safe or is Fanvue legit to host adult content to a certain extent.

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