How to Sell Used Panties on OnlyFans And Make Money

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Written By Nancy Munson

Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

selling used panties online today is a legit way of earning money for many. Too many people on various platforms are selling their used underwear in an attempt to make some extra cash. Among the many platforms that allow the sale of used panties, OnlyFans is also one. Being one of the leading names in adult content hosting platforms, OnlyFans is an excellent marketplace for many interested sellers to sell their used panties.

But some of us are still unsure of selling used panties on OnlyFans and have questions like, can I sell panties on OnlyFans? Well, like always, you are at the right place. We, here, will not only answer this question of yours but also provide a detailed description of how to sell used panties on OnlyFans. By the end of this article, you will have enough knowledge to start your own panty-selling store on OnlyFans.

Can you sell used panties on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can sell used panties on OnlyFans legally. 

OnlyFans is a content hosting platform with limited restrictions on what it hosts, as long as it is legal. Although it is pretty well known for hosting adult content, people also use the platform for hosting regular content.

Another distinct advantage of OnlyFans is that it acts as a marketplace to sell quite a few things along with hosting content. For example, you can use the platform to sell your merchandise and other physical products. Some interested sellers even legally sell feet pics on OnlyFans and earn thousands of dollars each month.

And selling panties on OnlyFans is not restricted by any means. Many are already doing it successfully, and you can follow in their footsteps to earn some extra money. So for an interested seller like you, we will explain how to sell panties on OnlyFans in the coming sections.

How to sell used panties on OnlyFans?

Even though OnlyFans allows its users to host and sell almost all legal things on its platform, selling stuff on it is not as straightforward as on many other e-commerce platforms. Since OnlyFans is not your regular e-commerce website like eBay, Etsy, etc., you need to follow some extra steps to sell panties on OnlyFans.

Hey, don’t worry; we are not scaring you because it is not that complex either.

In this article, we will provide a detailed step-by-step guide on selling used panties on OnlyFans and help you be a successful panty seller.

So, without any further ado, let us jump right into it.

1. Create an account

Of course, we start with a very obvious one, which is setting up your OnlyFans account.  And trust us, setting up your OnlyFans account is not that difficult of a task. You need to be over 18 to sign up for OnlyFans and create a profile for yourself. You can use your Google, Twitter, Microsoft, or your regular email IDs to complete the sign-up.

Once signed up, OnlyFans will ask you for your government ID and a selfie to complete a standard verification, which might take up to 72 hours. After the verification, your account is all set up, and you can use it to post and sell things of your choice; in this case, your used panties.

But before you start selling used panties on OnlyFans, make sure you have written a good bio about yourself and what you sell on your OnlyFans profile. A good description of yourself increases your chances of attracting buyers to your profile and buying your used underwear.

Used panties seller on OnlyFans mentioned about her sale of underwear

Like the profile above, you can also write something similar to entice the subscribers and let them know what you are offering.

2. Post quality images with description

Now that you have your account set up, you next need to concentrate on how to be one of the better used panty sellers on OnlyFans. And to be that, you need to post high-quality images of your used underwear with a clear description under your profile. 

In the description of the images, you can mention the material of the panty you are selling, how many days you have worn it, the scent it has on it, etc. All this information adds extra weight to your post, and you can sell at a better price compared to other regular sellers.

Especially the information about the scent on the panty is essential while selling panties on OnlyFans. Because more than anything, buyers spend their money for the smell the panty has on it. So, providing a clear description of the scent is vital in increasing the value of your used panties on OnlyFans.

3. Commonly craved scents on panties by the buyers

Certain smells on your used panty can help you accumulate a higher price. Here is a list of some commonly sought scents by used panties buyers.

  • Sex
  • Menstruation
  • Everyday wear
  • Sweat
  • Pee

4. Promote on social media

OnlyFans works on a subscription-based model, and the more the number of subscribers for you, the more the chances of earning high while selling used panties on OnlyFams. But it becomes challenging for sellers to gain a foothold in this highly competitive market and increase their subscribers. 

So, to increase your subscribers and improve your chances of earning high, you should promote your OnlyFans profile across different social media channels. Some of the social media networking platforms that you can use for promotion are:

  • Reddit

Reddit is a social networking site that allows its users to share and promote anything that is legal. Like many people, you can use this platform to endorse your OnlyFans profile and increase your customer base. Along with promoting your OnlyFans profile, you can also sell used panties on Reddit.

  • Twitter

Twitter is another social media giant that allows the marketing of NSFW content on its platform with limited restrictions. Used panty sellers on different platforms use Twitter to reach a broader audience to increase their market. Twitter not only helps in promoting their profiles and stores but also allows them to sell used panties on it.

  • Instagram

Promoting your OnlyFans profile on Instagram is a bit trickier compared to the other two mentioned above because of Instagram’s policy against NSFW on the platform. However, if you follow the proper guidelines and process, you can not only promote your OnlyFans profile but also sell used panties on Instagram.

You can also use Discord, Facebook, TikTok, and any other social media networking sites you know to promote your OnlyFans profile. But beware of the restrictions on NSFW content on all the platforms you intend to use for the promotion.

Important: Mark your posts as NSFW or 18+ while promoting your OnlyFans profile on any social media networking platforms to help the algorithms know about the sensitivity of your post. 

5. Pack and ship properly

As said earlier, OnlyFans is not like any other e-commerce platform. So here, you will be responsible for packing and shipping your used panties to your buyers. You must take utmost care and be discreet in packing and shipping used panties as shipping agencies would not lay their hands on your package if they come to know what is in it.

  • Packing

Make sure you use a ziplock or vacuum-sealed bags to pack your smell-soaked panties to preserve their scent. Because your buyers pay money for the smell of the panties, and if it’s lost during the shipping, then the panty is of no value to them. Using ziplock and vacuum-sealed bags to pack the used panties can help you preserve the panty scents and make the buyers feel like you just removed them from your body.

Place the ziplock in a bubblewrap before packing it in a regular cardboard box. Don’t decorate anything outside the box to attract unwanted attention. Instead, you can keep an image or two of you wearing those panties or a seductive handwritten message inside the box to give it a personal touch.

  • Shipping

Once you have packed the used panty carefully, you have to ship it to the buyer from your end. Be as discreet as possible to avoid unnecessary questions from the courier companies. If asked about the package, let the shopping agency know it is sportswear or some other clothing items.

Use PO box addresses for returns. Don’t give out your permanent or residential address for your safety.

6. Use suitable payment methods

Now that we know how to ship your panties let us talk about how to get paid for those. 

Even though we are talking about the payment methods after the packing and shipping section, it is always a good idea to accept the payment before you ship the used panties to your buyer.

There are two ways of getting paid for selling panties on OnlyFans, and we will explain them in detail in this section.

  • Tips

Subscribers on OnlyFans can tip a certain amount to the creators on their profile. And you can use this tipping option as a payment method for selling used panties on OnlyFans. 

You can ask the potential buyer on OnlyFans to pay the decided amount for your used panty in the form of a tip, after which you will ship the panty to them. OnlyFans will transfer the tip you received on your profile to your personal account after you request a payout.

  • Other third-party payment methods

This is a riskier option of the two. Because OnlyFans do not permit third-party payment methods to accept payments from the subscribers on its platform. However, you can share your payment details privately through DMs with interested buyers to sell panties on OnlyFans.

You can also direct them to your social media profiles or any of your other websites to learn about used panties’ payment methods. Venmo, Skrill, and Cash App are some of the widely used payment methods during the transaction of selling panties on OnlyFans.

How much to charge for used panties on OnlyFans?

Usually, used panty sellers on OnlyFans, charge around $30 to $40 per pair. Depending on popularity, it will vary from seller to seller. Talking on her YouTube channel, you can listen to a seller by the username Roulamindbodylife, who charges $50 for her used panties on OnlyFans. You can charge more than $50 per pair of used panties if you have a good customer base willing to pay that amount.

You can charge extra for custom requests like the seller in the picture below. But always consider your original cost of the panty, shipping and packing charges, and profit you want to make while setting the price for your used panties on OnlyFans.

How much can I make by selling used panties on OnlyFans?

Isn’t this what you wanted to know when you first typed in the question “can I sell panties on OnlyFans,” in your search engine? Well, we have an answer for that question as well.

The amount of money you can earn by selling used panties on OnlyFans depends on your popularity and the customer base you have. On average, many make around $300 to $1200 per month by selling used panties on OnlyFans. You can earn thousands of dollars by selling used panties if done correctly.

There is not one correct answer to this question. If you are dedicated enough and consistent in the marketplace, you can definitely be one of the top earners by selling used panties. Build a loyal customer base and improve your subscribers on the platform to increase your chances of making more money from selling panties on OnlyFans.


Well, there we are at the end of our discussion on how to sell used panties on OnlyFans.

With limited restrictions on what it hosts and sells, OnlyFans is an excellent marketplace for selling many things. If some are selling feet pics on the platform, some others are selling used panties to increase their bank balance. You can be one of the many sellers on the platform who are doing this side gig legally at their own comfort.

If you are among the many wondering, can I sell panties on OnlyFans, then follow the guidelines mentioned above to start selling panties on OnlyFans legally. With the potential to earn thousands of dollars through this side gig, there is no reason why you should not try it.

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