How to Sell Used Panties on Reddit?

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Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Selling used panties, available on only a few marketplaces, has made its inroads into some powerful social networking platforms. From Twitter to Instagram, used panty sellers use many major social media platforms to sell and promote their used panties. And among those many, Reddit is also one.

With nearly 52 million daily users, Reddit is one of the largest social media networking platforms. You can post images, videos, and articles on the platform and sell products to potential buyers. The channels or profile you use to post anything is known as a subreddit, and you will have complete control over it. You need to comply with the rules and regulations of Reddit to create a subreddit of your own and use it.

Many today have started to sell their used panties on the available or user-created subreddits. As the platform allows almost all types of content (as long as it is legal), Reddit has become a hot place to sell used panties online. Even though the platform is lenient about the content you post, there are some rules and regulations which you must abide by before using it to sell used panties.

This article will explain some rules and regulations you must follow to sell used panties on Reddit. We will also talk to you about some of the prominent subreddits to sell your dirty panties.

How to sell used panties on Reddit?

In a way, selling used panties on Reddit is more straightforward than other platforms allowing the sale of dirty knickers. With no registration fees or any additional charges like some of the used panty-selling websites, Reddit is a user-friendly platform for selling used underwear.

There are two different ways to sell your used panties on Reddit. One is joining an established community of used panty sellers and finding a suitable buyer from the community. Another way is to create your own subreddit and sell used panties on those subreddits.

If you join an established community or subreddit, you need to follow the rules laid down by the community’s moderators. But if you create your subreddit, you must comply with Reddit’s policies, and there will be no moderators to control.

However, specific guidelines apply to both established subreddit and your subreddit. We shall briefly discuss those guidelines so that they might help you sell your used panty on Reddit.

1. You must be over 18

Any seller willing to sell their used panties on Reddit must be over 18 years of age. There will be no verification as such. Reddit will take your DOB details from whatever you entered during registration. When joining a community or creating one to sell used panties, you must also check a box, consenting to view and sell adult content.

Also, any mention of high school, daddy, or anything that indicates you are under age in the description will result in removing the post and banning you from the community.

2. You should own the panty you are selling

On established subreddits, you cannot be selling panties that do not belong to you. That is, you cannot make a sale on someone’s behalf. You can sell only your used panties with images of you wearing them.

However, you can sell third-party panties on your subreddit as long as you are legally authorized to sell them. With their permission, you can sell the used panties of your friends or someone you know under your subreddit.

You can also sell used panties on the subreddits that do not belong to you as long as you have the permission of the subreddit’s owner.

3. Give a clear description of what you are selling

One should give a detailed description of the panty they are selling. It will provide a clear idea to the buyer of what they are buying and maintain transparency in the deal. You can also detail the prices for different products you sell under your subreddit. It will help you build a trusting relationship with the buyers and also increase your sales, just like the example below.

4. Be anonymous if you want to

There is no rule in Reddit to reveal your real identity while selling used panties. Reddit never asks you to share your real name, email, and contact number with anyone while joining or making the sale of your used panty on a community. And the details that you have submitted during your registration are not disclosed to anyone.

This way, you can be anonymous on the platform under a stage name to sell your used panties.

5. Use clear photos and videos

Images or videos of you wearing the panty are a requirement to prove the authenticity of the panty you are selling. You can crop or hide your face from the image to maintain anonymity. However, you cannot post a sale without a proper image of you in the panty.

6. You must take care of the shipping

Reddit is just a platform to post your sales and nothing more. It acts as a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers in one location. Once you and the buyer agree on the sale, the seller must take care of all the post-agreement things like packaging and shipping.

While packing, use ziplock or vacuum sealed bags to capture the scent of the panty. Place the ziplock inside a bubble wrap to avoid physical damage. Pack the bubble-wrapped panty within a regular cardboard box before sending it to the buyer. Avoid doing fancy decorations outside the box to dodge unwanted attention.

7. Use reliable payment methods

Reddit allows the sellers to select a payment method of their choice to receive payments for the sale. You can choose any payment method as long as it is convenient and user-friendly for the buyer. A complex payment method might result in the buyer leaving you for a different used panty seller.

Important: Ship the panty to the buyer only after you have received the payment.

8. Link your websites or personal subreddits

Communities allow you to post links to your other websites or marketplaces where you sell used panties. You can also provide a link to your personal subreddit to gain the buyer’s loyalty.

9. Contact moderators for any trouble

The moderators of the communities do ask buyers and sellers to be kind and considerate to one another while performing transactions. However, if, in any case, a buyer goes over the line and tries to be rude or unprofessional, then you can always reach out to moderators for help. Moderators might remove or ban the user from the community to avoid further harassment.

You can also reach out to moderators in case of any technical issues or issues related to posting your ads in the community. If you are using your subreddit, then Reddit support is the best way to address your troubles.

10. Always protect yourself

Don’t share your personal details with any buyers for any reason. The Internet is filled with all sorts of people, and your information falling into the wrong hands can lead you to unwanted problems.

So always be safe and make sure you keep your identity private.

How to Make Money By Selling Used Panties on Instagram?

How much can you make by selling used panties on Reddit?

There is no exact figure for how much you can earn by selling used panties on Reddit. It all depends on your popularity and the customer base you have created for yourself. On average used panty sellers on Reddit sell their panties for $35 – $45. The price shall increase with custom requests or for different scents.

With buyers willing to pay thousands of dollars for used panties, the market is enormous, and sellers can make any amount once they establish themselves as a profound seller.

You can follow the following guidelines to set the price for your used panty before selling it on Reddit.

  • The average price of a one-day wear panty is $35
  • The average price for two-day wear panty is $45
  • For each additional day of wear, you can charge $10 per day
  • For any custom requests, charge $10 – $20 over the base price
  • For extra photos, charge $2 per photo

Don’t forget to include packaging and shipping charges while receiving the payment.

Best subreddit to sell used panties on Reddit

Reddit has several communities or subreddits to sell used panties. And all of them almost have the same set of guidelines and policies that you need to follow when using the community. Although, you can avoid joining any of these communities and start your subreddit to sell used panties. But by doing that, you will miss out on the number of buyers you get from communities.

Here are some of the highly rated subreddits to sell used panties.

1. r/Sexsells

It is one of the prime communities to sell anything related to sex. You can sell your used panties and many other adult items and services here. With over 488,000 members, the r/sexsells subreddit can be a good place to start your used panty selling business.

2. r/usedpanties

r/usedpanties was a community created in 2012 just to sell used panties on Reddit. It has 254,000 followers currently and is serving to be an excellent place for many women over 18 to sell their used panties.

3. r/PantiesCraze

r/PantiesCraze is a 4-year-old community supporting used panty sellers. Over 65,300people sell used panties on this subreddit. It partners with several other fetish buyer communities, helping you gain more followers and buyers. 

4. r/ThePantyDrawer

Thepantydrawer is one of the smallest communities of the lot here. It has only 35,300 followers. This community allows you to sell only used panties, and the community will remove any other ads unrelated to the sale of panties immediately.


With limited restrictions and a more extensive network, selling used panties on Reddit can be profitable. So here, you don’t have to worry about generating traffic or finding buyers on your own. Established communities and many regular buyers on the platform make your job easy to set up your used panty shop on Reddit.

You can either use the already thriving subreddits or create your own to start selling used panties and earn money. Whichever you choose, you need to adhere to the community guidelines to use the platform and sell used underwear.

Thank you for reading the article, and hope it has answered your questions regarding selling used panties on Reddit.

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