FeetFinder Review: Is it a Legit site to Make Money or Another Scam?

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Written By Nancy Munson

Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Today, feet pic selling is a legal and profitable side hustle. Like Desiree Gato, who makes around £8,000 ($9,165) by selling feet pics on various platforms, many are following this side gig to earn thousands of dollars. FeetFinder is one of those platforms which has helped several to increase their bank balance by allowing them to sell feet pics.

And if you have searched for FeetFinder reviews or if is FeetFinder legit on your search engines, then we believe you must have a fair understanding of feet pic selling business and FeetFinder, but want to know more about it. Well, you are in the right place to find your answers, as this article will shed some light on FeetFinder and help you understand more about this feet pic selling platform.

We shall start our discussion by understanding the platform first.

What is FeetFinder?

From the name itself, one can have a decent idea of what FeetFinder is. FeetFinder is one of the best marketplaces for buying and selling feet pictures on the internet. With nearly 3 million visitors on average per month, FeetFinder has a vast customer base and is a leading name in the feet pic selling industry.

FeetFinder Homepage

It was established in 2019 to provide a marketplace for feet models and feet pic sellers to sell their feet pics. FeetFinder is an exclusive platform for selling feet pics online and is used by many to earn thousands of dollars.

“Check out my @Feetfinder for exclusive content and custom work!DM me on here or the website to discuss some personalized content #feet #footworshi̇p #feetworship #feetandsoles.”

LavenderRay, @H_n_L_Sage (via Twitter)

Feet pic selling is a fantastic side hustle nowadays, and FeetFinder has become an excellent platform for all those who want to follow this side hustle to earn some extra money. It has numerous categories under which you can sell feet images to interested buyers in the comfort of your home.

In this FeetFinder review, we will discuss all those categories and much more about FeetFinder while answering your questions like, is FeetFinder legitimate? Can you really make money on FeetFinder? How does FeetFinder pay you?

Is FeetFinder legit?

FeetFinder is a legitimate website for buying and selling feet pics on the internet. It has been operating since 2019 and has hardly had any complaints from users. FeetFinder is a registered business in the USA and does everything by the law. Along with a proper website, FeetFinder has a registered office and a set of permanent employees working full time to prove its legitimacy.

“Thank you @Feetfinder, for giving us an awesome platform for us feet pic sellers and feetlovers! Check out my profile linked if u love big feet!”

K, @Kaydbaybe (via Twitter)

It is not one of those scam websites or companies that would dupe people of their money. All the users on FeetFinder must go through the verification process, thus stopping any scammers from accessing the platform. Many people are using the platform to sell and buy feet pics without facing any problems.

So, if you are anxious about the legitimacy of FeetFinder, then you need not worry about it, as it is one of the legitimate e-commerce platforms to sell your feet pictures.

How safe is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is one of the safest websites for buying and selling feet pictures on the internet. The platform ensures that the users have a safe environment and do not face any trouble while using its services.

Here are some of the measures taken by FeetFinder to ensure its users’ safety.

Strict terms of services

FeetFinder has well-laid-out terms of service for its website to protect users from potential perpetrators. Every platform user must comply with those terms of usage to keep using the services. If anyone violates these terms and conditions, they shall be warned first and eventually removed for repeating the same.

The stricter rules and regulations keep the wrongdoers away from the platform and prevent genuine users from worrying about how safe FeetFinder is.

ID verified users

All the platform users must undergo a verification process to use the services. Without completing the verification, no one can access the platform, thereby preventing scammers from tricking people on FeetFinder.

Privacy policies and data security

The privacy policies of FeetFinder are another important tool that protects the users’ safety. FeetFinder follows a tight privacy policy to keep the data and content of the users on the platform safe.

All the details and data shared by you on the platform are not displayed anywhere on the platform and are kept safe. The IDs you share, your name, and your banking details are all for transaction purposes, and no one except for the concerned people will have access to it.

FeetFinder is protected by Sitelock, a renowned website security and monitoring name. Sitelock ensures that hackers and unauthorized people do not have access to the confidential information on FeetFinder and preserves the data securely.

DMCA Policy

The content on FeetFinder is protected by Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which means that if your content is copied and sold elsewhere without your consent, it can be removed immediately.

This policy protects your content from being stolen by thieves on the internet and keeps your content safe.

All these features ensure that users feel safe on FeetFinder and just worry about how to make money on FeetFinder.

Do people trust FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is the most trusted marketplace among the feet pic selling and buying community. The increasing number of registered users on the platform is evidence of people’s trust in FeetFinder. Many buyers and sellers are using the platform without any complaints and also are referring their friends to join them.

FeetFinder has a rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot, which is an open forum for users to share their experiences on the internet. Not just the ratings, but people often speak highly about the platform under the comment section on Trustpilot, like the one shown in the image below.


Along with Trustpilot’s ratings, the increase in the number of monthly visits to FeetFinder’s website speaks volumes about the trust level of people on the platform. According to Similarweb, an independent website traffic analytics company, FeetFinder has a consistent number of visitors to its site. The image shown below depicts how FeetFinder consistently had nearly 3 million visits for the last 3 months of 2022.

FeetFinder similar web traffic review

All these stats indicate only one thing, which is how much users trust FeetFinder.

Is selling feet pics legal on FeetFinder?

Selling feet pictures on FeetFinder is entirely legal.

Anyone who is over 18 or of legal age, according to the norms of the country they reside in, can register themselves on FeetFinder and start selling feet pics legally for money on the platform. FeetFinder was established to provide a marketplace for selling and buying feet pictures online. From the day of its establishment, FeetFinder has not faced any legal troubles for being a host to exchange feet pics on it.

If your country allows you to access FeetFinder, then you are allowed to sell feet pics on the platform. For example, in the USA, Canada, Australia, and most European countries, selling feet pics and using FeetFinder are legal. And if you reside in any of these regions, then you don’t have to worry about selling feet pics on FeetFinder.

But you must be careful in countries like UAE, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan, and Iran that have strict regulations against adult content. As selling feet pics online comes within the vicinity of the adult industry, you might land in legal trouble if you belong to any of these regions and try to sell feet pics on FeetFinder.

Overall, selling feet pics on FeetFinder is 100% legal, and you shall not face any legal consequences as long as you are over 18. However, it is better to check the norms of your country and the region you reside in before you take up this side hustle.

FeetFinder Twitter Review

Can I buy or sell content other than feet on FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an exclusive marketplace for selling and buying feet pics on the internet. However, it also allows the users to use the platform to sell and buy a few different things as long as they are within the regulations of FeetFinder.

FeetFinder is strictly against nudity and explicit content, so you cannot sell pornography and nudity on the platform. You can sell pictures of your hands, fingers, toes, or any part of your body as long as you have the buyers and do not include nudity.

Along with pictures, you can also sell used panties, bras, lingerie, socks, and shoes under your account on FeetFinder. Feetfinder does not restrict selling these kinds of physical items on its platform. Ensure that you are not selling any illegal items on the platform that will lead you to trouble.

Screenshot of FeetFinder seller Screenshot of FeetFinder seller example 2

But remember, shipping of all the physical items that you are selling on FeetFinder has to be taken care of by you, and FeetFinder is not responsible for issues related to shipping.  

Screenshot of feetfinder seller promtotig on twitter

So, to put it all together, you can sell and buy different things other than feet pics on FeetFinder as long as they are within the regulations of the platform.

Do you have to show your face selling feet pics on FeetFinder?

No, if you are not interested, you don’t have to show your face while selling feet pictures on FeetFinder.

The best thing about FeetFinder is that it does not compel you to show your face or reveal your real identity to your buyers while selling feet pictures on it. You can sell feet pictures anonymously without showing your face on FeetFinder and still earn good money. Your ID, photo, and personal details you share during the registration are just for the verification process, and those details will not be shared anywhere on FeetFinder with anyone.

Screenshot of FeetFinder seller

Many current feet pic sellers like the one shown above in the image are anonymous and hide their faces on the platform while selling feet pictures. Even though showing your face to your buyers might help you increase your sales and popularity among your buyers, it is still up to you to show your face or not on FeetFinder.

To sum it up, it is not mandatory to show your face while selling feet pictures on FeetFinder, and you can sell feet pics even without showing your face to your buyers.

FeetFinder Twitter profile

How does FeetFinder work?

FeetFinder is just like any other e-commerce website to sell and buy things. Both buyers and sellers must register themselves on the platform before they start selling or buying feet pics. All the unregistered users can still access the website and look at the sellers, but they will not be able to look at the feet pics or buy them.

FeetFinder is one of the best platforms to sell foot pictures online because of its variety of great features. It has a very user-friendly website that anyone with minimalistic computer knowledge can use. As of now, millions of users are enjoying the platform and using it as a marketplace to buy and sell feet pictures. 

Below is an overview of how FeetFinder works for sellers and users in general, which can help you better understand the platform.

  1. Register yourself as a buyer or seller by providing valid government-issued ID proof on FeetFinder.
  2. If you are a seller, set a subscription fee for your account or a fixed price for the individual pictures or videos you upload. (We will talk about the pricing and different ways to earn money on FeetFinder in the coming sections).
  3. Upload your feet pic or video under your FeetFinder account.
  4. The best thing about FeetFinder is that the feet video or picture automatically gets blurred as soon as you upload it. This prevents scammers or freeloaders from accessing your account and getting their hands on your content for free.
  5. Despite the blurred picture, the buyers can still see a glimpse of what the sellers are offering so they can decide whether or not to buy the picture.
  6. The interested registered buyers can then pay the money fixed on the feet video or picture and download it to own it.
  7. The money the buyer pays is then transferred to the seller’s FeetFinder account, which they can transfer to their personal bank account after paying the commission to FeetFinder.

It is as simple as that. Once you start using FeetFinder and get the hang of it, you will begin to see how easy it is to buy and sell foot pics on the platform. 

Who buys feet pics from FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an open marketplace where anyone over 18 or of legal age, according to the norms of their country, can buy feet pics. Different types of buyers, for various reasons, use FeetFinder to find the feet picture or videos they love. But two prominent sets of buyers consistently keep their eyes on the platform for some beautiful feet pictures.

  • Marketing and modeling agencies for feet products

The marketing department and the feet modeling agencies for the feet and feet care products are one of the primary buyers of your feet pictures on FeetFinder. They always keep an eye on some gorgeous feet pics on the platform to use them to promote their products. And if your feet picture meets the criteria, your feet can be the face of some premium brands and help you earn big in the process.

  • Feet fetish lovers

Another group of people who love to spend money on good-looking feet pics are those with a kink for feet. Some people have a hots for feet pictures and are constantly looking for quality feet pictures on FeetFinder. They always look for different types of feet images under various categories to fulfill their desire.

You can serve their needs by uploading lovely feet images of yours on FeetFinder and earn good money through it. Current FeetFinder sellers have built strong customer bases out of feet fetish lovers, and you can follow in their footsteps to create a name for yourself by selling feet pictures on the platform.

FeetFinder seller Tweets

If you are worried about who will buy your feet pictures on FeetFinder, then here is your answer. Thousands of sellers are already selling their feet pictures to these two categories of buyers on the platform for years. You can join them in selling feet pictures on FeetFinder without worrying about the customers.

How to sell feet pics on FeetFinder?

Now that we know who buys feet pics on FeetFinder, let us now see how to sell feet pics on FeetFinder. Well, selling feet pics on FeetFinder is a simple task. Following the simple enough steps mentioned in this section, you can start your journey as a feet pic seller on FeetFinder and sell feet pics.

1. Create an account

The first step in starting your journey as a feet pic seller on FeetFinder is creating an account under your name. As FeetFinder allows only registered users to use the platform and sell feet pictures, you have to complete your account registration before doing anything.

If you are over 18 or of legal age according to your country’s norms, then you can register on FeetFinder without any hassle. By filling out some simple information in the application form shown below, you will be able to complete the registration on FeetFinder.

screenshot of seller creating an account to sell feet pics

Enter accurate information on all the given fields, as FeetFinder will verify your information about its legitimacy. You can choose any username you want, which will be used while logging in to your account. The username you choose does not have to be your name, and you can use anything that is catchy and attractive to your buyers.

As your username is the first thing your buyers see on your profile, it is advisable to use a username that is easily noticeable and remembered. You can refer to some of the commonly used usernames on FeetFinder to get some ideas for yours.

Make sure you provide a real and active email address in the form, as this will be used to contact you by FeetFinder. Don’t worry; FeetFinder will not share your email address or any other details anywhere on the platform. It is just for contacting and verification purposes. Choose the country you reside and enter your birthday details. Again don’t provide wrong information here, as FeetFinder asks you for your ID to verify the information you provided.

2. ID verification

On the same page during your registration on FeetFinder, the platform asks you to upload a government-approved ID and a selfie of yours holding that ID to complete the verification process.

Again the ID you upload will only be shared with the concerned parties for verification purposes and nothing else. It will not be displayed anywhere on FeetFinder for anybody else to access it.

ID verification on FeetFinder

Some of the considerations you need to take while uploading the ID are:

  • ID must be approved by your government and should be in English.
  • ID must be clear, and its details must be readable.
  • ID should not be expired or about to expire within 30 days of your upload.
  • ID should not be damaged, punched, or torn.
  • The selfie of you holding the ID should be taken in good light and also be very clear.
  • Don’t produce somebody else’s ID claiming you, as it might lead to permanently banning you from the platform.

3. Share your payment details

Once you upload your ID, you next share your payment details or personal bank accounts to receive the money you earn on FeetFinder. Provide a valid and active bank account to ensure you receive your payments in time when you request for payout. FeetFinder will not share these payment details with your buyers and will only use them to transfer funds from the FeetFinder account.

Your buyers cannot pay you directly to the bank account you share on the platform, as they don’t have access to that information. So, whenever a buyer makes the payment to your feet pictures, that payment will be added to your FeetFinder account, not the bank account you shared with FeetFinder. After reaching the minimum payout limit, you can request a payout to transfer the money from your FeetFinder account into your personal account.

4. Write a good bio

Now that you have completed your regular steps in creating your account, you are almost ready to start using FeetFinder to sell feet pics. However, there is one little thing you need to take care of which makes a significant impact on your feet pic selling profile on FeetFinder; wiring a good bio.

A bio is nothing but an introductory part to your feet pic selling profile on FeetFinder. And a good FeetFinder bio can help you attract and gain more customers to earn more money. Your FeetFinder bio explains to your buyers what they expect from you and what you offer on the platform. It is a general introduction to yourself, what type of person you are, and what kind of feet pictures you will sell on FeetFinder.

A good bio on FeetFinerder to sell feet pics

Ensure you write a catchy, attractive bio for your FeetFinder profile to increase your popularity among the feet-buying community and differentiate from the remaining sellers. Refer to some best feet pic sellers’ profiles, like the one shown in the image above, to see what they have written on their bio and develop your own for your profile.

5. Upload quality feet pics and videos

Quality feet pics and videos are the need of the hour to make it big on FeetFinder. Since the platform has thousands of sellers, it becomes challenging for anyone new to establish themselves in the feet pic selling business on FeetFinder.

You must always upload high-quality feet images and videos to garner interest from your buyers and sell the content for a reasonable price. Using a good camera, take good feet pictures and videos to post under your profile. Use the images below as your reference to post quality feet images.

Some of the things you need to remember while uploading your feet picture and videos under your profile on FeetFinder are:

  • Use a professional camera, lighting, and set up to capture your feet.
  • If you are tighter on budget, you can use your phone camera, but make sure it clicks good photos.
  • Make sure you have suitable background while shooting your photos and videos.
  • Always see that there is ample light while capturing your feet on cameras.
  • Try different feet poses, styles, and themes to come up with various pictures and show your creativity to your audience.
  • Images and videos should be of high resolution and should be appealing to your buyer’s eyes.
  • Avoid blurry and low-resolution images, as they might make buyers doubt your commitment to the business.
  • The size of your single image or video you upload should not exceed 1 GB.
  • The length of your single video can be, at most, 10 minutes and not more than that.

6. Promote on social media

Once you have set up your profile to sell feet pics on FeetFinder and have uploaded some content to sell, the next best thing for you to do is promote your profile on various social media channels. As selling feet pics is almost like a sales job, you need to advertise yourself on multiple outlets to make people know about you.

Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Tiktok, and youtube can be your go-to social media channels to promote your FeetFinder profile to your potential audience. All these social media channels combined have over millions of feet pic buyers, and you can utilize this resource to earn big while selling feet pics online. 

Along with promoting your store, you can also sell feet pics on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to improve your chance of increasing your income. You can also use Discord, Facebook, Whisper app, etc., to promote your feet pic selling profile on FeetFinder.

Few things to remember while using these social media giants while promoting your FeetFinder profile:

  • Use as many social media platforms as possible to promote your store.
  • Be consistent, meaning whenever you upload new content on FeetFinder, post a glimpse about it on these social media platforms.
  • Always abide by the rules of the platform you are using to promote your profile. For example, Twitter and Reddit have no restrictions on the type of content you post on them. However, Facebook and Instagram have strict regulations against posting nude content. So, make sure that you don’t go against these regulations and get yourself in trouble.
  • Selling feet pics falls within the vicinity of the adult industry; therefore, always mark your post as NSFW or 18+ to avoid your post being visible to the unsuitable audience and causing social media platforms to take action against you in the process.
  • Make sure you use the right hashtags on social media channels to attract potential buyers to your profile and increase your exposure.

7. Sell your feet pics

You are almost set on FeetFinder now, and you can start selling feet pictures. The buyer who likes your profile and the feet pictures you posted will pay the price fixed on those pictures to own them.

As said earlier, the pictures you upload will automatically be blurred, and the buyers can only have a glimpse of those pictures. If they like what they see, then they will pay the amount to own the feet pictures. The picture will be clearly visible to buyers as soon as the payment goes through.

Screenshot of Selling Feet Pics on Feetinder

The above image is the depiction of your dashboard when you upload your feet picture on FeetFinder. As soon as you upload the image, a lock sign will appear on your picture, making it slightly blurry. When the buyer pays the amount fixed, in this case, $6 or $7, they can unlock the image and own a clear copy of it.

You can sell the same picture to any number of buyers, and there is no limitation on how many people can own it. However, if someone requests custom content or a specific type of picture for a particular purpose, then you cannot post it on your dashboard. Instead, you have to sell those pictures individually to the buyers through personal or direct messages.

There are a few different ways to earn money on FeetFinder, and we will discuss all those types in the later sections.

8. Request payout

After you sell the feet pictures to one of your buyers, the money they paid will be added to your FeetFinder account. You have to request a payout from FeetFinder to have the money transferred to your personal banking account, which you shared with the platform during your account registration.

FeetFinder does not provide the provision for the sellers to accept the money directly into their bank account. Instead, the transaction has to happen through FeetFinder, and if you try to bend these rules, you might face severe actions from the platform.

Well, there you go. The above steps are your answer to how to sell feet pics on FeetFinder. Following the steps mentioned above, you can join thousands of sellers on FeetFinder and start selling feet pictures online to earn extra money.

How does FeetFinder payout work? / (How does FeetFinder pay you?)

As said earlier, the money made by selling the feet pics through FeetFinder is added to your FeetFinder account, which FeetFinder then transfers to your personal bank account by requesting a payout. And requesting a payout on FeetFinder is not a complex task.

When you log in to your FeetFinder account, you find an option that says earnings on the left-hand side menu. Click on the earnings option, and you will be taken to a new page that shows your total earnings, which is updated after every sale. On the same page, you will see the ‘withdraw now’ option, as shown in the image below.

Screenshot of requesting for FeetFinder payout work

Some key points to know before you request a payout on FeetFinder:

  • $30 is the minimum balance you need to have in your FeetFinder account before you request a payout.
  • FeetFinder processes the payouts every Friday.
  • And you have to put in your payout request on or before Tuesday to have your money deposited in your bank account by Friday.
  • Missing Tuesday’s deadline means your payouts will be handed out to you the following Friday.
  • Payouts on FeetFinder are settled by two means; Segpay and Paxum.

Segpay: Segpay is a payment facilitator that processes payments safely and securely and processes payments for FeetFinder creators in the USA. You don’t have to have a Segpay account to process the payment.

All you have to do, if you are a feet pic seller in the USA, is request for payout on FeetFinder, and the money will be automatically transferred to your personal bank account. The whole process is carried out through Segpay, and FeetFinder will transfer the money to your account before you know it.

Paxum: For creators outside of the USA, the payments are handled by Paxum. FeetFinder sellers registered outside of the USA must create an account on Paxum before requesting a payout on FeetFinder. The payout requested is then transferred to the Paxum account of the sellers, which they can then transfer to the bank of their choice.

Here is your answer to how does FeetFinder payout work. With simple enough steps, sellers can easily transfer the money earned on the platform to their bank account. Plenty of sellers have already received their payout from FeetFinder, and continue to use the platform to make money. If you were wondering if FeetFinder is a scam, then this should clear your doubt.

Popular categories of feet pictures on FeetFinder

FeetFinder is filled with numerous categories under which some FeetFinder’s top earners sell their feet pictures to potential sellers. You can also follow in their footsteps and choose one of these categories you are comfortable with to sell your feet pics on FeetFinder.

Given below are some popular categories that attract a considerable number of buyers on the platform.

Simple / Clean feet

Screenshot of Simple / Clean feet on FeetFinder

This is one of the most popular and simplest types of feet pictures that you can sell on FeetFinder. It is just your clean feet with or without accessories and decorations. People like those clean sets of feet and spend good money on them.

Dirty feet

If some like clean feet pictures, some others are big fans of dirty feet pictures. Upload your feet pictures covered in mud or dirt on the platform to attract potential buyers who like dirty feet pictures.

High heels

The feet pictures of you wearing high heels are of interest to many, and they spend a good amount of money on them on FeetFinder. High heel feet images are one of the platform’s most sought feet pic categories and can help you sell more feet pictures under this category.


This is another category that has a significant number of followers under its belt. Feet covered with fishnets catch the eye of several feet pic lovers and help you establish yourself as a prominent feet pic seller on the platform.


People have a great interest in feet covered with socks, and you can sell this type of feet pictures on FeetFinder for a good price. Follow the image above as a reference to capture your feet in socks before posting on FeetFinder.

Other than these, below are some additional popular feet pic categories under which you can sell your feet pictures on FeetFinder.

  • Soles
  • Pedicure
  • Lotion
  • Different Ethnicity (Asian, Indian, Ebony, Latina, etc.)
  • ASMR
  • Arched
  • Dominatrix
  • Nail Polish
  • Mature
  • Male

Choose one of these feet pic categories you are comfortable with and post your feet picture to earn good money on FeetFinder.

Different ways to earn money on FeetFinder

Now that you have a decent idea of what you can sell on FeetFinder, let us now look at different FeetFinder revenue generation methods which can help you earn money on the platform. In this section, we will talk about different monetization methods on FeetFinder.


One of the best and easiest ways to earn money on FeetFinder is through a subscription. You set a fixed price for your profile, which your buyers have to pay in order to view and download photos posted under your profile.

There are no minimum and maximum limits on what you can charge as your subscription fee to your profile. You can charge anything on your profile if you believe that your buyers are willing to pay the amount.

Usually, the feet pic sellers on FeetFinder charge somewhere between $5.99 to $20.99 per month, on average, for their profiles. You can also follow the same pricing model or keep it higher or lower depending on your popularity and the customer base you have.

Individual feet photos/videos (Pay Per View)

Another method to earn money on FeetFinder is by charging individually per feet pictures or feet videos. Often referred to as pay-per-view, you can individually price your feet picture and post it under your profile to increase your earnings on FeetFinder.

On average, single feet pictures on FeetFinder are priced around $3 to $15, whereas single feet videos can be priced around $5 to $25, depending on your popularity and the customer base you have.

Along with subscription fees, you can earn more by selling feet pictures and videos individually. This helps you increase your average earnings on FeetFinder and earn big.

Screenshot of Feetfinder seller pricing and how much they are charging on feetfinder

Photo or video albums

You can group your photos or videos together as an album and then sell it under your profile for a fixed price. Photo albums usually comprise 1-10 photos, and video albums contain 1-5 videos. You can choose the number of pictures or videos you want to include within the albums. The maximum length of a single video is 10 mins, and the total size of your video or photo album should be at most 1 GB while you are uploading on FeetFinder.

Unlike individual images and videos, your buyers can own all the pictures or videos under the album. On average, photo albums on FeetFinder are priced from $10 to $25, and video albums are priced from around $15 to 35. Of course, you can always charge higher or lower than these average prices depending on your popularity and the customer base you have.

Custom content

Another great way of making extra money on FeetFinder is by selling custom content. Interact with your buyers through direct messages (DMs) on FeetFinder, produce content they like (as long it is doable and you are comfortable with), and sell the content at a price higher than usual.

Custom content includes but is not limited to crushing fruits under your feet, crushing flowers under your feet, wearing personalized color toe paints, doing sensuous things with your feet, etc. You can negotiate the price with your buyer depending on the difficulty of the demand.


Tips are one more excellent way of earning money on FeetFinder. It is something buyers pay as an extra money apart from the content they buy. In addition to the subscription charges and payment towards the content, buyers pay their favorite creators tips as an appreciation towards the creators. Tips won’t buy anything for the buyers, but it is just extra money paid by the buyers to show their love towards their favorite creators.

As a creator, you need to put in some extra effort and connect with your buyers to earn tips on FeetFinder. Buyers only pay tips to the creators they like the most, and you have to make sure that your content is unique and have a special connection with your buyers to pocket those tips in your FeetFinder account.


As a creator on FeetFinder, you can refer fellow creators to the platform and make money through it. You can earn 10% of what your referred creators make on the platform through referrals. For example, if a creator referred by you makes $100 on the platform, you earn $10 for referring them to FeetFinder.

Along with your regular content, you can also make some extra money through these referrals on FeetFinder.

These are some of the different ways to earn money on FeetFinder. So if you were looking for FeetFinder income reviews and different ways to earn money on the platform, this section is your answer.

FeetFinder on social media platforms

Social media networking today is an essential tool in marketing and reaching people, especially for people selling things. And as FeetFinder coincides with the sales business, it is necessary for it to have a good presence on these social media networking platforms.

To assist its users in finding sellers for buyers and buyers for sellers and also provide a forum to discuss the best practices on the platform, FeetFiner has official pages on different social media networking giants, which we will be discussing here.


@FeetFinder is the official Twitter handle of FeetFinder, under which users post and discuss various things about the platform. It has over 140,000 followers under its handle, who often tweet about their FeetFinder profiles and their experience on the platform. Following FeetFinder on Twitter will help you gain valuable insights into the platform and also expose your FeetFinder profile to potential buyers.

Screenshot of FeetFinder Twitter official page which proves its safe platform

Along with promoting your FeetFinder profile, you can use Twitter to sell feet pics online like the thousands who are currently doing it. You can use #feetfinder on Twitter to associate your tweet with FeetFinder and gain traction while tweeting about your profile or queries about FeetFinder.


Reddit is another social media giant on which FeetFinder buyers and sellers share their thoughts and opinion about the platform. r/feetpicsbuyerandsell and r/feetfinderadvice are two of the significant FeetFinder communities on Reddit to help FeetFinder members with the platform.

Here, the users discuss some of the best practices and the issues they have about the platform. Users often get some valuable advice from the community, which they practice to get the better of the platform.


Instagram is one of the most used social media networking platforms on the internet. Even FeetFinder has an official Instagram page to help connect its users on social media and discuss about the platform.

Screenshot of FeetFinder Instagram page which proves its trustworthy and safety

Feetfinder._ is the official Instagram page of FeetFinder, where the sellers and buyers of the platform come together to discuss various aspects of the platform. Along with joining the discussion, you can also sell feet pics on Instagram to earn some extra money.


YouTube should be one of the effective social media platforms that FetFinder uses to educate and assist its users. With many tutorials and training videos, FeetFinder uses its official YouTube channel, @FeetFinder, to help users learn more about the platform.

Screenshot of FeetFinder Youtube legit youtube channel

If you are new to FeetFinder and need help understanding the platform, then YouTube can be your go-to place to learn more about the platform. There are plenty of videos from established creators and employees of FeetFinder who explain the tiny details of the platform to understand better and make a name for yourself.

With FeetFinder being active on these many social media platforms, it becomes easy for the users to know more about the platform and use it wisely. And as these social media giants are genuine and trusted places on the internet, it also helps in discarding the question, is FeetFinder illegal?

How much does FeetFinder charge you?

Is FeetFinder free? This is one of the most asked questions by upcoming sellers on feetFinder. And to answer that question, FeetFinder is not free. So you have to pay a certain amount of money to use its services. And these charges are only to ensure that no scammers use the platform to cheat buyers. The charges are very minimal, and you can earn them back on the platform within no time once you start selling feet pictures on FeetFinder.

All the sellers have to pay a fixed amount depending on the services they opt for to enjoy using FeetFinder and selling feet images. However, buyers can register and browse through the platform at no cost, as they would only have to pay to buy and own the content from the sellers.

Below are some of the charges sellers must pay on FeetFinder to avail its services.


Everyone has to choose a subscription plan from the available two to be a seller on the platform. One is the basic subscription plan, and the other is the premium one. So you need to choose either of these subscription plans to be able to set up your profile as a seller on FeetFinder and sell feet pics.

A basic subscription plan would cost you $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year. Under this plan, you will receive features like blurring your feet images automatically once you upload them, pushing your profile towards potential feet pic buyers when they search the category listed by you, tips and tricks to improve your profile, etc.

The premium subscription plan would cost you $9.99 per month or $29.99 per year. A Premium subscription has the same features and facilities as the basic one. However, the premium profiles will be pushed above the basic profile to the buyers. So, if you are a premium subscriber, your chance of landing a buyer is higher when compared to the seller under the basic plan.


Along with the subscription charges, FeetFinder also charges 20% of the total money you make by selling feet pics on the platform. For example, if you earn $100 by selling feet pictures on FeetFinder, you will only be able to withdraw $80 into your personal bank account, as the remaining $20 will be retained by FeetFinder as a commission for using its services.

Compared to the money you can make on FeetFinder, the charges are the bare minimum, and you would not even notice the charge when you start selling feet pictures on FeetFinder.

Why do I have to pay to sell my content on FeetFinder? 

Since FeetFinder provides an excellent platform for feet pic sellers and getting you the buyers at your doorstep, the price you pay is minimal.

These are the only two types of fees that FeetFinder charges you to use its services. Once you pay these fees, you can, without any worry, use the platform to sell your feet pictures and videos.

Taxes on FeetFinder earnings

As we know, FeetFinder is a legal marketplace to sell foot pics on the internet, and the earnings made through it are legal and taxable. Therefore, as a feet pic seller on the platform, you have to pay taxes for the money earned by selling feet images on FeetFinder.

If you are in the USA, you have to pay taxes if you have made over $600 for the year by selling feet pics on FeetFinder. The payment processor, Segpay, will send out the tax forms discreetly to you, and you have to file the forms to pay the taxes.

Similarly, if you reside outside of the USA, you must file for taxes according to the norms of the country where you live. The amount of tax you have to pay depends on the country’s norms. So, it is better to check with your country’s rules and regulations and file taxes accordingly.

Money earned on FeetFinder is a legal source of income, so you have to pay taxes accordingly, as you do for your regular sources of revenue.

How much to charge for feet pics on FeetFinder?

This question does not have a straightforward answer. It all depends on how popular you are on the platform and the customer base you have created for yourself. You can fix a price on your feet pictures that you feel right and believe your buyers will pay the same.

There are 3 ways you can set prices for your feet content on the platform: a subscription, individual photos/videos, and photo/video albums.

You can use the prices listed in the table below for your reference to set the price for your feet content on FeetFinder. These are the average prices that most of the creators use to sell their feet content on FeetFinder., You can use a price nearer to this region if you are still determining what to price your feet pic on FeetFinder.

Content Type Charges
Subscription $5.99 to $20.99 per month
Photos $3 to $15 per photo
Videos $5 to $25 per video
Photo Albums $10 to $25 per album
Video Albums $15 to $35 per album

You can always charge more than the above-said price if you have a solid customer base and feel that your buyer will pay that price.

How much do you make on FeetFinder?

There is no one correct answer to how much do people make on FeetFinder. Depending on your popularity and your customer base, you can earn any money on the platform. FeetFinder does not restrict the amount of money you can earn by selling feet content on the platform.

On average, feet pic sellers on FeetFinder earn around $500 to $1200 per month by selling feet content on the platform. However, if you create a loyal customer base around yourself, you can earn more than the FeetFinder average income.

If you do it correctly, you can earn thousands of dollars by selling your feet content on FeetFinder, just like Sarah, who bought a Mercedes by selling feet pics of her mom on FeetFinder.

How to make money on FeetFinder?

Making money on FeetFinder is much simpler than you think. If you follow all the steps mentioned in this article, you can start your journey as a feet pic seller on FeetFinder and sell feet pics.

However, here are some pro tips to make more money on FeetFinder, which you can follow.

1. Be consistent

Make sure that you post your content regularly on the platform. As there are thousands of sellers on the platform, you need to be more regular in posting content to improve your sales on FeetFinder.

2. Maintain quality

Always ensure that your posts are of quality, and don’t post just for the sake of it. High-quality images and videos help you in building your reputation, and buyers visit your profile more than often in search of excellent content. It will also help in word-of-mouth publicity, as buyers buying from you will always leave positive reviews on your profile, thereby helping you get more subscribers and buyers.

3. Price your content right

In a hurry to make more money, don’t overprice your content. Instead, choose the price that is reasonable and payable by your buyers.

4. Build a connection with your buyers

Interact with your buyers regularly and build a positive relationship with them. Respond to their messages and accept their custom requests (only if it is feasible) to show them your love. This ensures that the buyers remain loyal to you and will not leave you for any other buyers.

5. Use social media effectively

Promote your profile when and where possible on all social media channels to attract more and more buyers. Advertising your profile on social media channels increases your exposure in feet pic selling business and improves your chance to land more buyers.

If you follow these steps, you can earn more money on FeetFinder by selling feet images and can easily differentiate yourself from the crowd.

6. Take good care of your feet

The most important thing, and not more than often talked about, is taking care of your feet. Since your feet are your money-making asset, you have to take good care of them to prevail in this business. So regularly moisturize your feet and perform timely pedicures to maintain the health of your feet and make them look good on the platform.

Refund policies on FeetFinder

Unless and until there is fraudulent activity, you cannot request, and FeetFinder does not issue refunds. As all the sellers on the platform are verified, there is little chance of people duping you for money. But, if that does happen by chance, you can go through the proper channels and request a refund.

However, if you don’t like the content you buy after some time or for any other random reasons, if you request a refund, then your refund request will be discarded.

FeetFinder support system

The support system on any platform is an essential factor in keeping users happy. And, FeetFinder does have a great support system to help its sellers thrive on the platform. A solid customer support system combined with community support helps sellers on the platform solve their issues quickly and keep them happy.

FeetFinder has a FAQ page to support its sellers with almost all the questions that users might have while using the platform. The page is divided into general, sellers, and buyers, with relevant questions under those sections. On the FAQ page, you will find answers to some of the generic questions one might have about the platform.

Along with the FAQ section, FeetFinder also has a blog where you can find topics about starting your journey as a feet pic seller on FeetFinder and various other concerns that you might have about the platform. It is a very informative resource that clearly explains the platform better and answers all the queries that the users of the platform might have.

Screenshot of feetfinder seller review talking about buyers

Still, if you don’t find answers to your burning questions about the platform, you can always reach out to FeetFinder customer support by mailing them at hello@feetfinder.com. Depending on the issue’s complexity, the support team will get back to you as early as possible.

Adding to all this support, you also get support from the FeetFinder community on different social media platforms. Twitter and Reddit are two major social media networking platforms that FeetFinder users use to discuss and help each other with the platform. As a new user on the platform, you can post your query here and expect seasoned users to help you with that query at the earliest.

With these many supporting channels, you will feel FeetFinder is reliable and can sell your feet pics on the platform without any worry.

FeetFinder user reviews

User reviews are one of the best ways to determine the measure of the reliability of any platform. And in this section, we shall take a look at how FeetFinder fares in the eyes of buyers and sellers of FeetFinder.

FeetFinder buyer reviews

Buyers on FeetFinder have a great experience shopping for feet pics on the platform. They have nothing but positive things to speak about the platform and always tend to come back for more feet pictures on the platform. The buyers often laud the platform for its great content and easy-to-buy facilities, which makes their experience a wonderful one. You can check out some of the reviews in the image below that speak volumes about the experience feet pic buyers have on FeetFinder.

Buyers also praise individual sellers for their professionalism and commitment while selling the feet pictures on the platform. Overall, buyers on FeetFinder have a positive experience and, most of the time, recommend fellow feet pic lovers to visit the site to fulfill their needs.

Screenshot of feetfinder buyer review

FeetFinder seller reviews

Not just the buyers, but even the sellers say great things about FeetFinder and its services. As the site is only for selling feet pcs and no sexual content is allowed, many sellers find it safe and secure to post their feet pics. Also, a user-friendly website and features make it a go-to place for feet pic sellers to sell their feet pics effortlessly.

Many sellers are able to find buyers easily and make some extra cash through the sale. Adding to it, they say it is better than many of the other feet pic selling marketplaces as the buyers on this platform are genuine and scam free.

FeetFinder User Reviews 1FeetFinder User Reviews 2


Is FeetFinder reliable?

Well, these user reviews by now should have answered your question about the reliability of FeetFinder. FeetFinder is very reliable, where sellers and buyers both like the platform for all its features and often recommend other users to use the same.

Pros and cons of FeetFinder

Now that we have known enough about FeetFinder, let us list some of the pros and cons of FeetFinder to analyze the ups and downs of being on the platform.


Verified users

All the users on FeetFinder are verified, leaving no place for scammers. If you are a seller, you have to produce a valid government-approved ID, and buyers must provide details of an active card or bank details to register themselves.

No adult content

FeetFinder is strictly against posting adult content. Therefore if you are worried about selling feet pics on OnlyFans-like platforms, where sexual content is not prohibited, then FetFinder is the best option.

Legal marketplace

FeetFinder is a legal and genuine marketplace to sell feet pics on the internet. So far, many sellers and buyers have used the platform to conduct their business without facing legal consequences. Therefore, you can, without any worry, choose the platform to conduct your business.


Charges for the sellers

Sellers have to pay a subscription and commission to FeetFinder to use its services. If you are just starting your business and struggling to make sales initially, then these charges can feel like a burden.

Highly competitive marketplace

FeetFinder has thousands of registered sellers on its website, and it becomes difficult for newcomers to establish and make a name for themselves even though the market is massive.

Occasional harassers

Even though the platform verifies all its users, some of the buyers on the platform tend to harass the sellers by placing unusual and undoable requests. And this might cause a moment of worry for the sellers on the platform. However, there are necessary preventive measures put in place to prevent such harassers.

A seller can overcome all these disadvantages of FeetFinder by following the appropriate steps. And when you look at the broader picture, your chance of earning extra money along with your regular salary overpowered all these cons.

Why choose FeetFinder (Is FeetFinder really worth it?)

FeetFinder is a premium feet pic selling marketplace on the internet. With millions of users on the platform, you stand a great chance to earn big by selling your feet content here.

Here are some reasons that might convince you to choose FeetFinder to sell your feet pics.

  •  You can sell feet pictures in the comfort of your home.
  • This can be your part-time job along with your regular source of income.
  • Easy to use the website and user-friendly features.
  • You can make thousands of dollars just by selling feet content.
  • As the platform is free from adult content, creators from all backgrounds can sell their content on the platform without concern.
  • All the buyers are verified, thus eliminating scammers or frauds cheating the sellers on the platform.
  • FeetFinder always pays out its buyers on time, thereby guaranteeing the sellers their money.

With all these many advantages of being on the platform, FeetFinder is definitely worth it if you are interested in selling feet pics online.

How to cancel a FeetFinder membership?

Canceling your FeetFinder membership is as simple as using any other feature on the platform. If you click on your profile, you see a section that shows your membership on it. Click the membership option, and you can either cancel your membership or change your membership to a different one.

How to delete the FeetFinder account?

Deleting or unsubscribing from your FeetFinder account is the most simple task. By following the simple enough steps mentioned in this section, you should be able to cancel your FeetFinder account without any hassle.

If you are a seller and want to cancel your FeetFinder subscription, all you have to do is;

  • Log in to your existing account.
  • Click on your profile on the website.
  • On the menu that appears, you will see an option that says “delete account.”
  • Click the option, and hit ok on the next page.
  • Once you click “ok,” FeetFinder will permanently delete all your details from your FeetFinder account.

If you perform these steps, then your FeetFinder account is permanently deleted from the platform, and you cannot have your data back.

If you are a buyer and want to unsubscribe from a particular seller, you must click on the subscription list from the same menu. You will see the list of sellers to whom you have subscribed. Select a seller from who you want to unsubscribe and hit the unsubscribe button. Simple, you now have unsubscribed from that particular seller, and you will not be charged anymore towards them.

How to unsubscribe from FeetFinder? Well, here is your answer.

Alternate sites to FeetFinder

If you are unhappy with the features of FeetFinder and are looking for a different app, then you can choose from the 5 alternatives listed below. It is almost similar to FeetFinder with minimal differences.

1. xModel by Adent.io

xModel is a customizable platform using which you can build your own website like FeetFinder. The best thing about xModel is that you will purchase the platform by paying a one-time fee, after which you will build your own website under your terms. Of course, you will not have to pay any subscription or commission charges on this and whatever you make is yours to keep.

2. Foap

Foap is a leading name in the photo-sharing marketplace. You can sell feet pics on Foap without any hassle as long as you do not post nudity or explicit content in your photographs. Foap charges you 50% of your earnings for using its platform to sell feet pictures. Premium foot care brands and advertising agencies are the primary customers looking for beautiful feet pictures on the platform.

3. Whisper

Whisper is a social media giant used by many to share their thoughts. People also sell feet pics on the Whisper app for great prices. The app’s best feature is that you can hide your identity throughout your transaction, and no one will ever know who you are.

4. Craigslist

You can normally sell feet pics on Craigslist, as on FeetFinder. Craigslist allows you to list your feet’ picture posts only to specific locations. Therefore you get an opportunity to post your feet pics to only particular regions and not everywhere. The platform allows you to opt for either free or paid services, and paid services have better features and offers than free ones.

5. Etsy

Etsy is a general-purpose marketplace where people buy and sell almost anything. Therefore, people sell feet pics on Etsy as there are no restrictions on the platform for doing so. However, you must be careful as the website strictly prohibits sexual content on it. Etsy charges you 6.5% of the total money you made by selling your feet pics plus $0.20 for each pic uploaded.


With too many pros to selling feet pictures, many apps and websites legally allow sellers to sell feet pictures. FeetFinder is one of the leading marketplaces to sell and buy feet pictures on the internet. And if you have read our FeetFinder review, you must by now should have understood why people say FeetFinder is the best platform to sell feet pictures.

With a user-friendly website and many likable features, FeetFinder can be your go-to place if you want to start your journey as a feet pic seller. As the platform prohibits posting adult content on it, you don’t have to worry about being in the adult content space to sell your feet content.

However, there are some fees you need to pay to be on the website, and these charges are minimal compared to the money you can earn by selling your feet pics on FeetFinder. With plenty of ways to earn money, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of making some extra cash using FeetFinder through your feet content.

Even you can be a feet pic seller on the platform without too much hassle. Hopefully, this FeetFinder review will be able to guide you in the process of being one.

Thank you for reading.

FAQ about FeetFinder Reviews

1. Does FeetFinder have an app?

At this point of time, FeetFinder does not have an app. Users can access the marketplace only through the website. They are currently working on building an app, and it will be available soon. But for now, there is no official FeetFinder app.

2. Can you get in trouble for selling feet pics on FeetFinder?

No, you will not get into trouble for selling feet pics on FeetFinder as long as you abide by the rules and regulations of the platform. FeetFinder is a legal marketplace for selling feet pictures, and you can sell feet pictures worry-free as long as you are over 18 and own the image you are selling.

3. Is my data safe on FeetFinder?

Your data is completely safe on feetFinder. FeetFinder takes all the necessary measures to keep the collected information safe and securely in its database. It collects the data for verification purposes and deletes all your personal records once you delete your account from the platform.

4. How long does it take to complete the verification on FeetFinder?

FeetFinder’s verification is very quick. It usually takes up to 72 hours to complete the verification and activate your FeetFinder seller’s account. Usually, FeetFinder will finish the verification process well within 72 hours.

5. Can you sell hand pics on FeetFinder?

Of course, you can. You can sell any picture of your body part as long as it does not contain adult or sexual content. Many people do sell their hand pics on the platform for money.

6. Can guys sell feet pics on FeetFinder?

FeetFinder does not do any discrimination on its platform. People of any gender, race, and religion can sell feet pictures on FeetFinder without restrictions. There are plenty of male feet pic sellers on FeetFinder who are earning well on the platform.

7. How much is FeetFinder premium?

FeetFinder premium subscription costs you $9.99 per month or $29.99 if you pay for the whole year. Premium subscription pushes your profile above the basic subscription profiles, and you stand a better chance of landing buyers.

8. Will I be scammed on FeetFinder?

All the users on FeetFinder are verified, and scammers are blocked in the early registration stage. Therefore chances of anyone getting scammed on FeetFinder are very low.

9. Are transactions made on FeetFinder safe?

FeetFinder uses Segpay and Paxum as payment processors, which are renowned names in payment processing. And since these payment processors handle all the payments and transactions made on FeetFinder, you don’t have to worry about its safety.

10. What is FeetFinder’s Trustpilot rating?

FeetFinder has a TrustPilot rating of 4.9, making it one of the trusted marketplaces on the internet to sell feet pictures.

11. Why does FeetFinder need my social security number?

To verify your identity and make sure that you are over 18, FeetFinder requests your social security number. It is just for verification purposes and will not be shared anywhere.

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