How to Sell Feet Pics on Foap App?

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Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

If you search your search engines for ways to earn extra money, you will be surprised to find sell feet pics online in the list. These days, selling feet pics is legal, and many are making good money through this side gig, like Debbie, who sells her feet pic on various platforms to earn around $1,000 per month

There are several apps and websites to sell feet pics on the internet, which acts as an excellent marketplace for aspiring feet pic sellers. Foap is also one of those apps that most people find safe and secure to sell their feet pics. With millions of users, It is a great platform to find suitable buyers for your beautiful feet images.

We, in this article, will provide you with a step-by-step guide to selling feet pictures on Foap and help you know more about this lucrative side hustle.

What is the Foap app?

Foap is a Polish photo and video sharing platform that many use to share their work and monetize. Millions of users are using the app on their phones after downloading through Play Store or App store. Brands and marketing agencies are the primary buyers of photos on the platform for marketing purposes and spend good money on the images they like.

As a commission for using its services, the platform deducts a flat 50% from the earnings made by selling images on it. For example, if you sell a picture on Foap for $10, you will only receive $5, as the remaining $5 will go to the platform for providing a marketplace to make the sale.

Can you sell feet pictures on Foap?

Selling feet pics on Foap is legal, as long as you are over 18 and own the image you are selling. However, you must ensure that the feet images you post do not contain any nudity since the platform is strictly against nude and explicit content.

Selling feet pics on Foap is legal

How to sell feet pics on Foap?

People love using Foap to sell feet pics because of the simplicity of the app and the authenticity it provides for its sellers. In this section, we will explain how to sell feet pictures on the platform.

1. Create an account

Like many other platforms, the first step on Foap to be a feet pic seller is to set up your account. You can use your email address or Facebook login credentials to complete the signup process. Once signed up, you will receive a verification email from Foap, which you have to click open to complete the verification and set up your profile to sell feet pics.

Your profile is now ready, and you can start uploading photos of your feet to earn money. But before you start uploading, make sure you have written a good bio for your feet pic selling profile on Foap to attract more and more customers.

2. Upload your photos

Once you have created your account, the next step is to upload quality feet photos of yours for sale on Foap. If you are an android user, you can see a ‘+’ icon on the app after you sign in to upload the photo, and for iOS users, you can upload the picture using the camera icon on the app.

Once the picture is uploaded, make sure you use relevant tags and a detailed explanation for the images to get noticed in the Foap picture market. Also, make sure the picture is at least 1280×960 pixels because anything lower than that, the platform will not allow you to upload the images.

3. Payment option on Foap

As of now, the only accepted payment method on Foap is PayPal. So, whether you are a feet pic buyer or a feet pic seller, you need to have an active PayPal account to pay or accept payments through Foap.

If you don’t have a PayPal account under your name, you are allowed to use someone else’s PayPal account, but, remember, Foap will not take any responsibility for any trouble caused by using it.

4.  Promote your Foap profile

To maximize your feet pic sales and increase your customer base, you need to invest in promoting your Foap profile on all the social media networks. As feet pic selling is like a sales job, it is advisable to have as many subscribers as possible.

You can promote your profile on social media giants like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Along with promoting your Foap profile, you can sell feet images on these social networking platforms. For example, you can legally sell feet pics on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram without hassle.

5. Sell feet pics on Foap

You are now all set up on Foap and can legally start selling feet pics. Once interested buyers like your feet pics on the Foap picture market, then they will pay the money fixed for the picture to buy it from you.

6. Withdraw your earnings

After a buyer buys a feet pic posted by you on the Foap picture market by paying you the fixed money, the money is credited into your Foap account. You can withdraw the money from your Foap account and transfer it into your PayPal account by clicking the withdraw now button on the page, as shown in the image below.

How to withdraw feet pics earnings on Foap App

Remember, you need to have at least $5 in your Foap account before you submit a withdrawal request.

How much to charge for feet pics on Foap?

Pricing on Foap is different when compared to some other platforms where you sell feet pics. For example, when you sell feet pics on Reddit or Instagram, the charges for your feet pictures depend on your popularity and various other factors, and you can charge anything.

However, when you are selling feet pics on Foap, you can charge up to $5 for a single feet pic on the Foap picture market, up to $10 if you sell in a normal mission, and up to $60 if sold in exclusive missions. We will explain to you what missions are in the next section.

You cannot charge anything more than the prices mentioned above on Foap, no matter how popular you are and how big your customer base is.

How much can you earn by selling feet pictures on Foap App?

The earning capabilities on Foap by selling feet images are unlimited as the platform does not put any caps on the maximum money to be earned on it. There are a few different ways to make money on Foap, and we shall discuss them briefly in this section.

  • Sell feet pictures in the Foap picture market: This is the platform’s most common way of earning money. Foap will display the photo you uploaded on the app in the Foap picture market with a fixed price, which the buyers will pay you to own the picture.
  • Mission: Missions on Foap are like competitions where you can earn extra by being part of it. Companies on Foap create missions with a specific subject, and creators can join the missions. Along with the price for your feet image, you have the opportunity to earn extra cash by winning the mission’s prize money.

With all these earning options, you can make good money on Foap by selling feet pictures. If you have built a loyal customer base and post quality feet pictures regularly on the platform, you can make around $350 to $1000 per month on average.

Advantages of selling feet pics on Foap

  • Trusted and authentic marketplace: Foap is one of the trusted marketplaces by many brands and marketing agencies for quality images over the years. Users of the platform often give positive reviews after using its services.
  • No room for scams: One of the best things about Foap is it automatically watermarks the image as soon as you upload it on the platform. Therefore no one can download your feet images without paying you first and thus minimizing scam attempts.
  • Easy to use: Foap has one of the easy-to-use interfaces. The app is very user-friendly, and people with minimal knowledge about smartphones and computers can use it effortlessly.


Foap is a leading name in photo and video sharing platforms on the internet. Many renowned brands and marketing agencies regularly use the platform to buy quality images for marketing and other purposes. With no restriction on the platform to sell feet pics, until and unless there is nudity, you can use Foap to sell your feet pics to make some extra cash.

If you are an aspiring feet pic seller confused about selecting the platform, then Foap is your answer. Especially if you are concerned about a platform where nudity is allowed, like feet pic selling on OnlyFans, then you can choose Foap to sell your feet pictures without any worry.

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