Is Selling Feet Pics Actually Dangerous?

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Written By Nancy Munson

Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Selling feet pictures across different apps and websites today has become more of a full-time profession rather than a side hustle for many these days.

Many are earning thousands of dollars, like Char Borley, who made nearly $20,000 by selling feet pic on the internet, are interested in this gig and want to try their hands at it.

Char Borley, who made nearly $20,000 by selling feet pic on the internet

And to support this increasing number of sellers and buyers alike, there are some of the best apps and websites to sell feet pics online, with plenty more developing to serve the industry’s needs.

Even with all these numbers and statistics, one question haunts newcomers, and some of them who are already selling feet images on the internet: is selling feet pics dangerous?

Let us dig deep and see if there are any dangers of selling feet pics or if it is just a rumor like many things on the internet.

Is selling feet pictures dangerous?

The simple and short answer to this question is: No!

Selling feet pictures is not dangerous and is very much safe if appropriately done by the book.

Of course, certain aspects of the feet pic selling business can be deemed a bit risky, but you cannot categorize it as completely dangerous and stop yourself from selling feet pictures online.

Since selling feet pics is mainly done online, getting scammed by some of the illegitimate buyers is a risk that you need to worry about.

But saying that, there are tricks and tips to sell feet pics without getting scammed and run your business safely like many others.

In this article, we will list some additional tips and tricks that can help you sell feet pics safely online without falling into the traps of scammers.

Is it legal to sell feet pics?

It is entirely legal to sell feet pics as long as you are above 18 and the country you reside in allows you to do so.

With many European and Western countries having no restrictions in selling feet pics, you can legally sell feet pics online as long as you are above 18.

However, you must be a bit careful if you are staying in the middle east, Islam-majority countries, and regions where selling pictures of body parts is termed illegal, like UAE, Pakistan, Oman, etc.

Other than the region and age restrictions, selling feet pics is not at all illegal, and anyone can do it if they are interested in the business.

Now that we know about the legal concern of selling feet pics, let us look at how to sell feet pics safely and avoid the dangers of selling feet pics online.

How to sell feet pics safely?

The heading does not necessarily mean there are dangers in selling feet pics. However, like many things in the world, there are good and bad aspects of selling feet pics online.

In this section, we will talk about some tips and tricks that shall sway you from the cons of selling feet pics and help you become a prolific feet pic seller in the process.

So, for people who are wondering if is it dangerous to sell feet pics and how to sell feet pics safely, this is your answer.

1. Maintain anonymity

The easiest way to maintain your safety while selling feet pics online is to sell feet pics anonymously.

Being anonymous on the marketplaces hides your identity from the buyers, thus stopping your buyers with ill intentions from hurting you in any manner.

Almost all the marketplaces allow you to sell feet pics anonymously, and you do not have to worry about sharing your real details on the marketplaces to attract buyers.

Also, being anonymous on the platforms does not mean you will make less money through your sales.

Even when you are selling feet pics on social media, you can maintain your anonymity as social media also do not compel you to reveal your real identity while selling your feet pics on their platform.

For example, people selling feet pics on Twitter use their stage names instead of their real names to sell feet pics.

2. Don’t share your location or your postal address

Another essential thing to take care of is hiding your location and address while you are selling feet pics online.

Obviously, when you are trying to be anonymous, you will not share your postal address and location with your buyers anywhere on your profile on any feet pic selling platforms.

However, you must be careful when posting images for selling on the marketplaces. Make sure the pictures you take don’t reveal the location or give any idea about where you took those images, which might lead to compromising your address.

Make sure you take feet pics like a pro and hide the backgrounds and unwanted details on the image subtly without compromising the quality of the picture.

Additionally, some platforms are location specific and might ask you to provide your location while selling feet pics on them.

For example, when selling feet pics on Craigslist, the platform asks the sellers in which region would want to sell feet pics. This location is just for selling purposes, and Craigslist does not reveal your location anywhere.

Remember not to use geotagging on images and reveal locations on the photos you sell on any platform to be safe from potential perpetrators.

3. Use a reliable platform

Choosing the right platform to sell your feet pics is one of the less talked about aspects of the feet pic selling business. With plenty of marketplaces out there, it can be overwhelming for feet pic sellers to choose the right platform.

In that case, you can rely on the feet pic seller’s favorite marketplace, FeetFinder. FeetFinder is a legit platform to sell feet pics and videos online.

With thousands of people already using it as a marketplace to sell and buy feet pics and videos, you can also rely on the same platform to sell your feet pics.

Along with FeetFinder, there are plenty of other platforms, including social media sites, where people find it safe to sell and buy feet pics. For example, people sell feet pics on Reddit under different subreddits that are exclusively created for selling and buying feet pics.

There are moderators and controlling bodies to monitor the safety of both buyers and sellers on the platform.

Choose platforms with many users and a valid community across different social media channels where they talk positively about the platform.

4. Accept partial payment beforehand

Concerning payments, you should only send or release any feet images or videos once you have received the total amount or at least a deposit. This safeguards you against con artists who ask for your photos, promise payment, and then disappear without a trace. You can no longer use your priceless foot photos, and you also have no way to get your money back.

Again, FeetFinder here presents the best case. Buyers on FeetFinder must be either subscribers or pay in full before they buy any feet pics from sellers.

Therefore selling feet pics on FeetFinder makes it financially safe for the sellers as the platform has a protective measure against potential scammers.

Hence, choosing the right platform is a vital point again, as it helps protect the sellers financially from con artists.

5. Use a safe and convenient payment method

There are many ways to get paid for your feet pics, with some apps and websites being more dependable than others. On a reliable website, they probably have their own system in place if you’re selling images of feet there.

Never make a deal with a buyer or sell photos outside of the platform. Doing so might violate the website’s terms and expose yourself to fraud.

Buyers also consent to several terms and conditions when they register for a foot photo marketplace, one of which prohibits them from privately approaching sellers.

If you are selling feet pics outside a dedicated feet pic selling marketplace, then you have to make your own arrangements to accept payments. For example, for people selling feet pics on Instagram, the platform has no provision to receive payments.

In this type of scenario, feet pic sellers can use Stripe, Paxum, Cash App, Venmo, and Apple or Amazon gift cards as payment methods to complete the transaction. 

These are some of the renowned payment methods in the feet pic selling industry, and you can rely on these to accept payments from your buyers.

6. Use social media carefully

Social media is a great tool to sell as well as promote your feet pic selling profile with millions of potential buyers.

However, one needs to be careful while using these networking sites, as revealing too much information can cause damage to you in many ways. Keep social media usage limited to selling feet pics and avoid sharing personal details to attract more buyers.

Always use a stage name as your social media account name instead of your real name for your own good.

Remember to use the best hashtags for selling feet pics across different social media channels to attract more and more potential buyers.

7. Add watermarks on your feet pics

Another excellent way of stopping your feet’ pics from falling into the hands of internet thieves is placing watermarks on your feet’ images.

Platforms like FeetFinder and Foap automatically add the watermark and blur your image on the platform, and it will only be visible once the buyer makes the payment for them.

But if you are selling feet pics on Etsy, eBay, Twitter, and any other non-exclusive  feet pic selling platforms, then you might have to add the watermarks on your own.

Adding watermarks is a simple task, as most photo editing software comes with that feature, or you can also find free online tools to add the watermarks on your feet’ pics.

Adding the watermark gives you a fighting chance for your feet images if it falls into the wrong hands or someone steals them from your feet pic selling profiles.

8. Know your audiences and their intentions

As much as it is essential to tell about yourself in your feet pic selling bio, it is also important to understand your buyer.

Because understanding your customer and their intentions to use your product is vital in sales, and selling feet pics is not any different. Buyers have to give out the details on most of the platforms as to why they want to buy feet pics and what they will use them for.

However, if they haven’t mentioned it in their profile on the platform, feel free to ask them about the purpose of buying the feet pics from you. Since you are the seller, you have every right to ask your buyer about the purchase.

And your feet pics falling into the wrong hands can harm you in many ways, and you don’t want that to happen.

Just make sure that you won’t be asking any personal or inconvenient questions that might lead to an uncomfortable situation for you and your buyer.

9. Maintain discretion in your private messages

Private messages are one of the best ways to establish a connection with your buyers while selling feet pictures online. It is an excellent medium for conversing with buyers, listening to their custom requests, and setting charges to your feet pics depending on their custom requests.

However, you need to be aware of not sharing too many details when you are indulging in private conversations with your buyers on any given platform.

As you will be talking to a stranger on the internet, who is buying feet pics from you, keeping the conversation strictly professional without spilling too many details about your personal life is advisable.

Of course, you can get intimate and give out fake details about your personal life to lure your buyer, but hide your real information from any buyers, no matter how close they seem to you.

10. Keep records of your transaction

When you are selling feet pics on OnlyFans or any other established platform, the platform keeps a record of all your transactions.

However, when you are selling feet pics on some social media sites or any other less established platforms, chances are that the transactions are not recorded anywhere.

Make sure you record these transactions for your own benefit. Because this is not only essential for tax season, but it also makes it easier to keep tabs on your payments, clients, and content.

Record the date, the person you sold your feet picture to, what it was exactly, how much you received, and the payment method used after a transaction has been completed. This is especially useful if there is ever a disagreement or dispute regarding a sale, the cost of your foot pictures, or the level of quality.

Also, it can help whenever someone drags you into a legal battle for any unwanted reason.

Is it worth selling feet pics?

Some people have a biased opinion of how bad it is to sell feet pics online. However, looking at the benefits and the money people earn through selling feet pics will really get you interested in the business.

FeetFinder is just one of many apps and websites that can help feet pic sellers earn thousands of dollars. If you’re considering selling feet pics, we strongly recommend using FeetFinder as a platform.

And if you talk or listen to some of the established feet pic sellers, they all have one piece of advice for you: to stop thinking of whether it is bad to sell feet pics or if there are any dangers of selling feet pics online.

As they have already tested the waters, they feel it is one of the safe ways to earn good money by doing it rightly.


Like any other business, there are pros and cons of selling feet pics online, but that does not mean that selling feet pics is dangerous. If done correctly, selling feet pics online can be a great way to earn money.

The tips and tricks mentioned above are tried and tested methods by many and have bore fruitful results.

If you are a newcomer to the feet pic selling business and have questions like, is selling feet pictures safely, then this article can help you in the right direction.

So do you still think, is selling feet pictures dangerous?

Hopefully, our article has helped you change your mind.

Thank you for reading!

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