How to sell feet pics on FeetFinder? Earn $5000 a Month

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Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

When you first heard selling feet pics is a real business, the chances are that you might have laughed it off. But it is not a laughing matter anymore. Selling feet pics today is a genuine side hustle, and you can find many people doing it. The internet is filled with several apps and websites to sell feet pics providing a great marketplace to assist all these interested sellers.

And FeetFinder is one of the well-known marketplaces that allows its users to sell feet pics on it. So if you are one of those who have heard about selling feet pics on FeetFinnder but don’t know much about it, you are in the right place to find your answers.

In this article, we will cover how to successfully sell feet pics on FeetFinder and help you earn extra money.

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is a dedicated marketplace to sell and buy feet pics legally on the internet. Along with feet pics, you can also sell used panties, socks, lingerie, bras, shoes, etc. The platform is strictly against nude and pornographic content. So, if you are concerned about selling feet pics on platforms like OnlyFans, which promotes adult content, then FeetFinder is the right place for you.

Anyone who is over 18 can register on the platform and use it to buy or sell feet pics legally.

Who buys feet pics on FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an open marketplace where anyone over 18 can buy feet pics from the sellers by paying a fixed price. Feet fetish lovers are the primary buyers on the platform and spend a good amount of money to get their hands on some beautiful feet pictures.

Apart from feet fetish lovers, even marketing agencies for foot products look for good feet images for their brand’s promotion on FeetFinder. So, you have a wide range of customers on the platform who will pay great money for your feet pics.

How to sell feet pics on FeetFinder?

Selling feet pics on FeetFinder is one of the simplest tasks you can think of. Following the simple enough steps mentioned in this section, you can also be a feet pic seller on FeetFinder.

Step #1: Create an account

To sell feet pics on FeetFinder, you must create an account and complete your ID verification on the platform. You must be over 18 to sign up and start selling feet pics on FeetFinder.

To complete your registration, you must enter a username of your choice, a valid email address and a strong password on the FeetFinder’s sign-up form. You will also have to enter the country you reside in and your birth date to ensure that you are legally allowed to sell feet pics.

On the same form, FeetFinder asks you to upload a government-issued ID and a selfie of you holding that ID to complete your verification. The IDs you upload are only for the verification process and will not be shared anywhere on the platform. FeetFinder asks for your ID to prevent scammers from using the platform.

You must give your real name and details while setting up the account and completing the verification. Post verification, you can use any stage name and sell feet pics anonymously without revealing your identity on FeetFinder.

Step #2: Share your payment details

During the account setup, FeetFinder asks you for your payment details to transfer your money earned on the platform. The payment details you share is just to transfer your funds, and it will not be displayed anywhere on your FeetFinder account. Your payment details will be kept private, and no buyers or other platform users will have access to it.

Step #3: Write a good bio

Once you have set up your FeetFinder account and shared your payment details, the next step is to write a good bio about yourself for your feet pic selling profile. A good FeetFinder bio will differentiate you from the remaining sellers and help you earn more.

Step #4: Upload quality photos

Your account setup is complete, and you must now start uploading quality feet photos under your profile to earn money. Since there are plenty of feet pic sellers on the internet today, it becomes very much important for you to click some quality feet images of your feet before you post on FeetFinder. The quality of the feet pictures you upload determines how much you will earn on the platform.

Try different feet poses and use a quality camera to take beautiful pictures of your feet to distinguish yourself from the many sellers and be successful. You can use the image below for your reference.

Step #5: Promote your FeetFinder profile on social media

Market your FeetFinder’s feet pic selling profile on different social media channels to increase the number of buyers. You can use FeetFinder’s Twitter handle, Instagram page and subreddit to promote your profile and also connect with your fellow sellers to discuss best practices of your business. Along with promoting your profile, you can also use Instagram, Reddit and Twitter to sell feet pics.

And don’t forget to include the right hashtags related to feet pics while using these social media platforms to attract new buyers.

Step #6: Sell your feet pics on FeetFinder

There are two different ways to sell feet pics on FeetFinder.

Pay per photo/album: Post an individual feet picture or group several feet pictures as an album and sell them at a fixed price. So, whenever a buyer wants to buy the feet pics from you, they must pay the amount fixed on the picture or the album to own them. Following this method, you will price each photo or album individually, and the buyers can own the images only for which they have paid.

Subscription: Set a subscription fee for your profile so that all potential buyers have to pay the subscription fee to access the images posted by you. Under this method, buyers will have access to all of your feet pictures under your profile after they pay the subscription fee you have set.

Step #7: Request payout

Once you have made the sale and the buyer pays on your FeetFinder account, you can request a payout to transfer the money into your personal bank account. Segpay handles the transfers if you are operating from the USA, and Paxum will handle the transfers for the rest of the world sellers.

Tips for selling feet pics on FeetFinder

Well, now you know how to sell feet pics on FeetFinder, let us talk about some pro tips that can help you increase your sales and earn more by selling feet pics on FeetFinder.

  1. Post regularly under your profile.
  2. Always post high-quality pictures.
  3. Build a positive relationship with your customers.
  4. Accept custom requests (which are doable and within your comfort zone) from your buyers and charge them extra for those requests.
  5. Keep an eye on your competitors and try to use the same strategy to earn more money.
  6. Follow the latest trends.
  7. Use social media regularly to increase your customer base.

How much does FeetFinder charge?

In order to use FeetFinder as a seller, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 or a yearly subscription charge of $14.99. If you want to access premium services on the platform, you must pay $14.99 per month.

Along with subscription charges, FeetFinder, as a commission to use its platform, deducts 20% of your total earnings made by selling feet pics on the platform. That means if you earn $100 on FeetFinder, you only receive $80 in your bank account.

How much do feet pics sell for on FeetFinder?

There is no fixed answer to this question. Feet pic sellers on FeetFinder usually charge somewhere between $4 to $6 per picture. However, depending on your popularity, customer base and various other factors, you can charge more than the average price for your feet pics.

And if you are interested in the subscription model, then you can set a subscription charge to your profile. The average subscription charge for a profile is $14.99. Again, you can charge more than the average price if you feel you have customers who are willing to pay that money.

How much can you earn by selling feet pics on FeetFinder?

The amount of money you can earn from selling feet pics on FeetFinder is unlimited. With thousands of customers willing to spend a great deal of money, you stand a chance to earn huge. On average, you can make between $250 to $3000 per month by selling feet pics on FeetFinder. And if you follow the tips for selling feet pics on FeetFinder mentioned in this article, you can earn up to $5000 per month.


Feet pic selling today is a profitable business. With too many pros to selling feet pics, many are into this side hustle. Many apps and websites are operating legally to accommodate thousands of sellers selling feet pics. FeetFinder is one of the many apps that provides an excellent marketplace to sell your feet pics on the internet.

Selling feet pics on FeetFinder is not a difficult task. Following the steps mentioned in this article, you can be a successful feet pic seller on FeetFinder. With the possibility of earning thousands of dollars, there is no reason for you not to try your hand at selling feet pics on FeetFinder, if interested.

Hopefully, we were able to answer your how to successfully sell feet pics on FeetFinder and help you set up your feet pic business.

Thank you for reading.

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