How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed? [100% Safely]

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Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Of the many things sold on the internet today, feet pics must be the one that shocks a few of us the most. With several people earning thousands of dollars, selling feet pics is legal these days, and many are interested in this side hustle. Some sellers earn around £600 by selling feet pictures online, making it one of the lucrative side gigs.

Even with many people following this business and doing it successfully, few of them often complain about getting scammed by scammers. Is it a major drawback of the business, and should you drop out of the idea of selling feet pics online?

Well, not exactly. Because scammers are in every business, even selling feet pics is not free from them. So if you list out some of the pros and cons of selling feet pics online, then getting scammed must be one of the most significant drawbacks.

If you are an aspiring feet pic seller and the above statement concerns you, we say, don’t worry. What if we tell you there is certainly a way to conduct this business without getting scammed? Exciting, isn’t it?

That is what we are here for. In this article, we will speak about 10 crucial tips that you must clear from your checklist to avoid scammers getting the best of you.

So, without any delay, let us start answering your question, how to sell feet pictures without getting scammed?

Is it safe to sell feet pics online?

Yes, it is safe to sell feet pics online.

All the platforms that allow you to sell feet pics ensure that your personal information and pictures are safe and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. The privacy policies and the usage terms and conditions provide safety nets for the sellers and protect them from any harm.

How can I sell my feet pictures without getting scammed? [10 pro tips]

As said earlier, scammers are everywhere, and it becomes difficult to stop them from doing what they do. However, we can take some preventive measures to prevent them from getting the best of us. 

In this section, we will discuss some tips to help feet pic sellers keep potential scammers at bay and conduct business peacefully.

1. Use the right platform

We will start with the very obvious one, choose the right platform to sell your feet pic on the internet. The internet is filled with some best apps and websites to sell feet pics, and you can choose anyone among these that best suits your needs.

Selecting the right platform is an utmost necessity when you first think of selling feet pics because the right platform can save you half the trouble in avoiding scam artists scamming you. Most platforms verify the buyers for you and save you from the headache of going through buyer’s details yourself. FeetFinder, Feetify, and Foap are some of the renowned feet pic selling marketplaces that do the buyer verification on it.

There are some other platforms that do not perform buyer verification but still are an excellent place to sell feet pics online. Platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram are some of the platforms that skip buyer verification on it. However, the platform has a support team that immediately bans users from using the marketplace if they try to scam any sellers.

Along with identifying and blocking the scammers, some other features you need to consider before selecting the platform are:

  • Privacy policies of the website
  • Terms and conditions
  • DMCA protection

2. Be anonymous

Sharing personal information like your real name, email address, banking details, phone number, etc., is a dangerous thing to do on the internet. These details falling into the wrong hands can lead to all sorts of troubles.

So, it is always advisable to be anonymous on the platform where you sell feet pics, as it makes you less vulnerable to scammers to gain your personal information. As almost all the platforms allow you to sell feet pics anonymously, you can use the feature to keep yourself safe from potential scams.

You can also hide your face if you wish to. Since you will be selling just feet pics to your potential customers, revealing your face or personal information is not necessary. You can still earn good money even being anonymous on any platform to sell feet pics while saving yourself from scammers.

Things to do to be anonymous:

  • Don’t share your personal information
  • Use a pseudo name
  • Hide your face

3. Use reliable payment methods

Since you will be dealing in money matters with strangers, it is better to use a secure and reliable payment method to accept payments. It is recommended to have a separate payment option or banking account to receive money for your feet pics. Because sharing your personal bank account details with people that you don’t know can land you in serious trouble financially.

Your payment methods should update you about the transaction and not keep you waiting. That is, the payment companies should send you a message or a notification about the money received by you immediately after your buyer claims to have sent you the money. Venmo, Cash App, Skrill, and gift cards are some of the payment methods that current feet pic sellers use on the internet to accept payments.

As a feet pic seller, you will put all your efforts into posting and selling the feet pic for the right price on different platforms. So you need to be very careful in choosing the payment methods to avoid people scamming you.

Key features to remember when selecting payment methods:

  • Receive immediate updates on receiving the payments
  • Receive the payments without any hassle
  • Convenient for your buyers to make payments

4. Accept payment beforehand

Whichever platform you choose to sell your feet pics, always accept the payment from your buyers before you send them the images. Although you can show them a glimpse of what they are purchasing, the complete sale has to be done only after you receive full or partial payment from your buyers.

We say this because some people may ask you to send images and promise to make the payment later, which they might never do. So, receiving the payments and confirming the same before handing them over the photos is always advisable, especially when accepting payments through gift cards.

Scammers often opt to send the payment through gift cards as payment for your feet images and cancel them immediately before you can encash them. Therefore, try to avoid gift cards as your payment method as much as possible. But if you cannot prevent it for any reason, ensure the gift card is utilized first before you send the images to your buyers.

5. Use watermarks on your images

Stealing someone’s work online is very common these days, and the feet pic selling business is not any different from it. People sometimes steal pictures of the feet from some creator on one platform and post them on a different one to make money.

To avoid such mishaps, try using watermarks on the feet pics you sell across different platforms. Make sure the images you post on any platform have a watermark on them and cannot be removed by any means. Once your buyer makes the payment for the feet pics, only then send them the pictures without the watermark.

Many platforms either add watermarks or blur the pictures automatically after uploading. For example, selling feet pics on the Whisper app, Foap, FeetFinder, Instafeet, etc., is much safer than others, as these platforms automatically add watermarks or blur your image when you upload on them.

6. Secure your device and internet connection

One of the least talked about subjects while understanding how to stop scammers from hurting you is the security of your device and internet connection. Scammers always try to access your devices in different ways to get information from them. So, protecting your device and internet connection from possible hacks is important.

The first thing you need to do to stop your device from being hacked is to protect your device with a strong password or pin so that no one can access your device. Also, use a strong password for your feet pic selling profiles, and don’t share it with anyone.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi to go online through your device, as public Wi-Fi is more vulnerable to getting hacked. Always try to use secure Wi-Fi, which only a few people can access and is protected by a password.  Don’t click on clickbait links and provide information that might make it easier for hackers to access your profile and devices.

7. Set the terms and conditions

Along with writing a great bio for your feet pic selling profile, you need to mention the terms and conditions for conducting business with you. This serves two purposes. Number one, it gives your buyers an idea of what to expect from you. And number two, it will convince scammers that you are not an amateur and cannot be scammed easily.

Some key points that you can include in your terms and conditions page are:

  • Type of images you sell
  • Open to nude requests or not
  • Type of accepted payments
  • When you want to receive the payment

8. Avoid too much bargaining

Even though bargaining is a good practice in any business, it should always be under your control. And the same rule applies to feet pic selling business as well.

People on online marketplaces for feet pics always try to get the best deal for themselves. They always want to buy the feet pictures for a lower price. And to accomplish that, buyers always haggle on the price. As a feet pic seller, you must be aware of it and avoid budging on your price.

If they feel that you are flexible, buyers will scam you to sell your feet pics at a meager price, hindering you from making profits. So, always know the right price to sell feet pics and stick to it to succeed.

9. Keep it strictly transactional

As selling feet pics is similar to a regular sales job, you will have to talk to plenty of people to build a customer base around you. While speaking with your buyers, ensure that the conversation is purely to conduct business and avoid sharing personal details, even unknowingly.

Some scammers tempt you to share your location, face, or identity for extra money. Don’t fall into this trap, and keep your details confidential.

You can always have a pleasant conversation with your buyers, but keep that conversation limited to your business. If you wish to, you can build a fake personal story to share with your buyers to build a strong relationship with your buyer for business purposes.

10. Don’t succumb to your buyer’s pressure

One trick that online scammers widely use is pressuring sellers to make the sale as quickly as possible. Scammers sometimes ask sellers to send more and more feet pics while they are still in the process of sending money. Buyers might also ask you to do things that might be inconvenient to you for extra money.

Don’t fall for such tricks. Always make sure that you have received your payment before transferring your pictures. Never accept any requests or proposals that are inconvenient for you. If buyers put too much pressure on you to do uncomfortable things or ask you to send pictures before making the payment, then you can block them permanently to avoid harassment.


Selling feet pics online is a legal and profitable business these days. But one thing that worries most people who want to dive into this business is the scammers. Then again, they are everywhere in almost all businesses.

Follow the tips mentioned in this article to build a solid scam-free feet pic selling business online to earn extra money. These tips will make you less vulnerable to potential scammers and help you conduct your business worry-free.

Hopefully, we were able to answer your question about how to sell feet pictures without getting scammed convincingly.

Thank you for reading.

FAQs related to selling feet pics without getting scammed

1. Is it sketchy to sell feet pictures online?

No, it is not. Selling feet pictures is a legal business, and many are doing it to earn extra money.

Countries that ban pornography and adult content in their region are against selling feet pictures. So if you are in one of those countries, you might want to check the rules and regulations of your region.

2. Can you get scammed selling feet pictures?

Like any other business, there are chances of people scamming you while selling feet pictures online. But by following the tips mentioned in the article, you can avoid scammers scamming you.

3. How do I not get scammed when I sell my feet pictures online?

The first thing you need to do is not be vulnerable. Use the right platform and build a strong profile before you start selling feet pics on the internet. Plus, follow the tips mentioned above to learn how to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

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