How to Make Money on Fansly: [The Complete Guide]

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Written By Nancy Munson

Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

As an OnlyFans alternative, Fansly today has become one of the leading names in the adult content creation industry. With the possibility of earning thousands of dollars, Fansly is the creators’ favorite platform to post adult content. While appreciating the assurance of not banning adult content from the platform, content creators enjoy the revenue-generation model of Fansly.

If you are many of those who are worried about whether you can make money on Fansly or not and have itching questions regarding its revenue-generation model, then we, in this post, will help you clear your doubts.

Introduction to Fansly

Fansly is a content hosting platform where you can share images and videos with people. It is well-known for its leniency towards posting all types of content on its platform. From fitness programs to pornography, you can post anything and everything on Fansly as long as it is legal and owned by you.

Fansly works on a subscription-based model like many other adult content creation spaces and grew in popularity when OnlyFans planned to ban adult content from its platform. With the promise from its founders to provide a platform for all kinds of creators, Fansly is an excellent place for adult content creators to share their content and make money.

How to make money on Fansly as an Adult creator?

Models on Fansly are earning around $7000 to $8000 monthly. People join Fansly to be their own bosses and earn money. Here is a list of how creators can make money through Fansly as adult content creators.

  • Subscription – Subscribers need to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly charges set by the creators to view content on their profile. You can select a subscription charge for your profile anywhere between $5 to $499.99.
  • Pay Per View (PPV)  – Also known as paid posts, are accessible to subscribers or non-subscribers only after they pay a fixed amount decided by the creator. They will be locked and can be unlocked only after the payment.
  • Tips – Along with subscriptions and PPV, content creators can make extra money through tips. Followers can tip you from $0.10 to $500. Fans pay tips to creators mostly during the live streams, but they also have the facility to pay in other instances.
  • Media Sales – Content creators can sell videos or photos to subscribers and non-subscribers, which they can save forever in their media collection. Creators can charge from $1 to $500 for the media they sell through Fansly.
  • Referrals – Creators can also earn money by referring creators and fans to the platform. From creator referral, you make 5% for the first year of your referred creators’ earnings and 1.5% after that. And from fan referral, you make only 1% of what they spend on Fansly for the first 90 days.

Now that we know how to earn money on Fansly, we shall see how we can maximize the earning capacity in our next section.

9 ways to make more money on Fansly and be successful

Options for making money on Fansly are the same for all content creators, but how you make the most of it is the real question. Here are 9 tricks that some successful Fansly creators follow to increase their paycheck.

1. Start with a lower subscription fee

Content creation and posting on social med is a game of the number of subscribers. The more the numbers, the merrier it is for you. And setting up a proper subscription fee is crucial in deciding the number of subscribers for your channel.

After creating a Fansly profile as a creator, the next thing you need to do is set up a subscription fee for your followers. It is advisable to start with a lower subscription fee to attract and retain subscribers. And if you are new to the whole adult content creation space, you should start with a $0 or free-of-cost profile for your subscribers.

By starting with a free subscription, you can attract new subscribers and create a fan base for yourself. Once you have earned enough subscribers under your profile, you can start charging your subscribers to view your posts. Start as low as possible, and once you establish yourself as one of the top creators, you can increase your subscription fee.

Even after being an established creator, try to keep some free posts under your profile to attract more subscribers. Free posts can be a teaser to your channel to improve the number of subscribers. On Fansly, creators can utilize the “Follow for Free” option and allow new subscribers to get access to some free posts.

Fansly creators profile screenshot where they can utilize the Follow for Free option and allow new subscribers to get access to some free posts

2. Create or find a niche for yourself

With millions of Fansly creators posting content regularly, separating yourself from the crowd becomes difficult. Therefore, finding or creating a unique niche you are more comfortable with to achieve success is advisable. Plenty of niches are available from where you can choose, or if you think you are exceptional from the rest, you can create your own.

Mention what you are good at in your bio so that the Fansly search algorithm picks your profile and presents it to the users when they search for a particular topic of interest. For example, if you think your boobs are your greatest asset, then you can post images and videos of your boobs to mark your territory on Fansly. You can look at platforms like Reddit or xVideos to find the options for niches to create your content.

Look at the following example of an only feet model on Fansly. 

Fansly creators mentioned niche on her profile

Some of the available niches for you to create content on Fansly are:

  • Boobs: A very common but effective way to establish yourself as an adult content creator on Fansly.
  • Butts: Another curve of your body that drives subscribers to your profile.
  • Couple: You and your partner can perform sexual or non-sexual acts to create a fanbase for yourself.
  • Feet: Some people have a foot fetish and would love to follow you to have a glimpse of your sexy feet.
  • Squirting: Seeing women ejaculate is some people’s fantasy, and you can encash it.
  • Hardcore: If doing rough is your thing, then you can have a set of separate fans on Fansly.

Whatever it might be, as long as you are comfortable and good at it, use it to your advantage to make a name and earn big on Fansly.

3. Collaborate with other performers

Collaborating with fellow Fansly creators to produce content is one of the effective ways to increase your fanbase and revenue on Fansly. Viewers always expect quality and entertaining content from you. And as a creator, it sometimes gets difficult to come up with fresh ideas to keep your fans happy.

For such instances or otherwise, also, you can collaborate with other Fansly creator/s to create content. Two distinctive advantages of collaboration on Fansly are:

  • Fresh content for your subscribers: Your subscribers will be treated to something new they have not seen before. Your subscribers might have been waiting to see you pair up with the collaborator for a long time, and you just satisfied their desire.
  • Gain subscribers from fellow creator/s: By collaborating with other creator/s, you stand a chance of attracting and gaining subscribers from your fellow creators. When you post your collab video, the subscribers of your fellow creator might like you and your profile and would want to subscribe to you.

So keep looking for like-minded creators to do as much collaborative content as possible.

Other than collaboration, you can also tag your friends or any other creators on Fansly whom you know to increase your popularity. But make sure you have their permission before you tag them.

4. Show loyalty to your loyal fans

In the entertainment industry, it is imperative to keep your fans happy and loyal towards you to succeed. With subscribers spending valuable money and time on you for entertainment, you must ensure your love and care towards them.

A few ways to show your loyalty to your loyal fans are:

  • Group them as “VIPs”: When subscribers remain on your profile for a certain period and have spent enough money on subscriptions and tips, treat those fans as VIPs. You can give them VIP badges which shall appear beside their name during live streams, making them feel special.
  • Token of appreciation: When a subscriber buys some merchandise from you, you can send them a token of appreciation along with the package. It can be anything from a seductive handwritten thank you note to a photograph of yours in sexy lingerie, which might help increase your subscribers’ loyalty to you.
  • Exclusive fan interactions: Another way of appreciating your fans is by hosting an interactive session with them. Select a day and time to interact with your VIP fans and tell them how much you appreciate their contribution to your success. 

Doing all these not only keeps your loyal fans happy but also spreads the good word about you. Your fans will start talking about the perks of being a VIP fan on your profile on various social media platforms, which might convince others to follow and increase subscribers for you.

5. Promote Extensively

After starting on Fansly as a content creator, you must promote your profile in all the possible ways to attract and acquire more subscribers. Make use of all the available social media platforms to spread the word about your channel to gain organic traffic.

In this section, we shall talk about some of the most prominent social media channels that allow you to promote your Fansly profile to increase your subscribers.

  • Reddit: It is one of, if not the most popular social media platforms to promote your Fansly profile. With no restrictions on what type of content you post on its subreddits, Reddit is a wonderful place to let the world know about you.
  • Twitter: – It is another excellent platform to spread your popularity. Using Twitter, you can reach millions of users in a fraction of time and increase your subscription rate. 
  • Instagram: This social media giant has over a billion users on its platform and can be an effective mode to gain new followers. However, one problem with using Instagram to promote your Fansly profile is that Instagram is strictly against posting NSFW and nude content on its platform. 

So when using Instagram, you must be extra careful while promoting your profile. Make sure your posts do not have any obscene or nude content and always include your Fansly link in your Instagram bio.

  • Discord Server: This upcoming social media platform can be beneficial in creating a community for yourself and spreading nice things about your Fansly profile. Even Discord allows promoting 18+ content on its platform. You can create a server for yourself and keep adding your subscribers to discuss and promote your content.
  • Facebook: Even Facebook has restrictions on posting explicit content on its platform. So as a Fansly creator, make sure you use images with no nudity or NSFW content while posting anything about your Fansly account.

Important: Make sure to mark your social media handles and profiles as 18+ or NSFW to avoid unnecessary removal of your posts and to help algorithms promote your content to the right audience.

6. Post quality content regularly

This is one of the complex tasks you might have to deal with as an adult content creator on Fansly. Posting quality content regularly is a must if you want to retain your subscribers and increase your revenue.

With thousands of creators registering daily to use the platform, you must provide a good reason for your subscribers to stay on your channel and not leave you for someone new. And this can be achieved by regularly posting their favorite content in the highest possible quality.

Keep a timetable for when to post videos or content on your profile. You can also use the schedule option on the platform to automatically upload the video at a set time. Always give prominence to quality over quantity because the number of subscribers will increase and help you generate revenue only if the content is worth watching.

7. Sell merchandise

Selling merchandise on Fansly is one of the least used techniques for making money on Fansly. Fansly is not a complete e-commerce website, so there is no provision to sell products on the platform. However, you can post images of clothes, used panties, shoes, or any other personalized item for sale on Fansly

Screenshot of fansly model selling her clothes to make more money on fansly

If your subscribers like your products and want to buy them from you, you can ask them for their address to ship the merchandise to them. In exchange, you can ask them to pay you directly on your choice of payment method. The payment to buy your merchandise is independent of subscription charges on Fansly and will be directly credited to you by the buyer once the transaction is completed. You don’t have to request or wait for any Fansly payout for these transactions.

Important: Remember, packaging, shipping, and receiving payment for the sale of the merchandise is your responsibility, and Fansly will not be responsible for any mishaps during the transaction.

8. Perform custom shows

Perform custom shows on request from your fans to increase your popularity in the Fansly adult content creation space. You also have an option to create polls and ask your subscribers what they want to see you perform. Depending on the poll, you can enact the requested performance to make your subscribers happy.

You can also take simple requests from your VIP fans about anything special to be performed. Keep the custom content price locked at a higher charge than usual to earn extra revenue.

9. Ask for tips and donations

Another way of improving your revenue on Fansly is by asking for tips. For example, during live streams, you can request your fans to pay extra tips to see you perform something nasty or something they want to see. 

Also, you can link your Patreon profile to Fansly to request donations. Patreon is a massive social media platform, and you can quickly gain followers and revenue through it if used properly. Keep in mind that Patreon restricts the posting of pornographic material on its platform. However, you can post nudity and link your Fansly profile to it.


With numerous ways to earn money on the platform, there is no exact figure on how much does a Fansly model make? It all depends on how well you use the platform and its options. From subscription to the selling of merchandise, Fansly creators are spoilt for choices to generate good revenue.

If creators follow the tips and tricks mentioned above in this post to the best of their abilities, they can easily earn thousands of dollars through Fansly. And with the debate over Fansly vs. OnlyFans heating up and many creators from OnlyFans migrating to Fansly, you might want to up your game to earn the money you want.

Thank you for reading the article, and we hope it helps you maximize your revenue through Fansly.

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