How To Sell Feet Pics As a Man & Make Money?

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Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Selling feet pics today is more popular than ever. Plenty of model and content creators can sell their feet pics across different platforms and earn thousands of dollars. 

For example, sellers on FeetFinder earn, on average, $700 to $1000 per month just by selling feet pics. And many think the sellers are usually females who make this amount of money. Well, that is not the truth.

Even men sell feet pics on various platforms these days while making great money. And selling feet pics as a man is not that different from selling feet pics as a woman. However, the audience and the customer base differ for men selling feet pics.

We, in this article, will look at how to sell feet pics as a man and make money in the comfort of their home. You can join many successful guy feet pic sellers and improve your income.

Can men sell feet pics?

Yes, men can sell feet pics.

Selling feet pics is legal in many countries and not gender specific. As long as you are above 18 or of legal age according to your country of residence, you can sell feet pics as a man.

There are certain countries that restrict anyone from selling images of body parts. In that case, you must be careful about the rules and regulations of the country or region you stay in.

Other than that, no specific rules or regulations stop guys from selling feet pics online. There are plenty of them who are selling feet pics as male, and you can also join them if interested.

 men sell feet pics

Men of different colors, sexual orientations and physical attributes sell feet pics on different platforms and are also successful. With plenty of audiences willing to buy your feet pics, selling feet pics as a male is a profitable side hustle.

So, if you are wondering, can you sell feet pics as a man, then you have your answer.

Who buys men’s feet pics?

If you think only women selling feet pics have a huge audience, then you will be shocked to see the number and type of buyers you have for male feet pics.

Foot modeling agencies and foot product brands are one of the primary customers for male feet pics online. They pay a great deal of money to promote their products worn on your feet.

It can be designer shoes that only a few can afford or a regular feet care product that everyone wants to buy; male feet models are in extreme demand.

Also, some brands and agencies promote products to beautify feet, which search for some good feet models. And, if you fit the bill, you can get hired by those agencies to promote their products for a good price through your feet.

Like female feet lovers, there are male feet fetish lovers who pay good money for some beautiful male feet pics. You can fulfill their demands by posting sensual feet pics of yours to make money.

So, you are never short of buyers when you are selling feet pics as a guy while earning great money.

Gays and women form most of the fetish lovers for men’s feet pics.

How to sell feet pics as a man?

Selling feet pics as a man is not that different from selling feet pics as a woman. The steps you follow are almost the same, with only a few variations.

In this section, we will discuss all the steps involved in selling feet pics as a guy.

1. Choose the right platform

The first step in selling feet pics as a man is to choose the right platform. There are plenty of best apps and websites to sell feet pics on the internet, and you can choose any of these to sell your feet pics.

Select a platform that suits your need and is comfortable to work around. We will talk about the platforms in detail in the coming sections. However, certain specifics holds good for all the platform, which are:

  • You need to be over 18 or of legal age to sell feet pics on any platform.
  • You can sell feet pics anonymously on any platform without having to reveal your real identity on the platform.
  • You can sell as many pics as you want to and make as much money as possible.

2. Create an account

Once you choose the right platform, the next step is to create an account to sell feet pics as a man. Without creating an account, it is difficult on most of the platforms to sell feet pics.

Almost all the platforms ask for registration to make sure that there are no frauds and help you sell feet pics without getting scammed.

You need to provide your real information like name, age, email address and other details depending on your chosen platform. And some platforms might even ask to upload a government-approved ID to complete a small bit of verification.

Don’t worry; none of the details shared on a reliable platform will be shared anywhere, and is just for the verification process.

You can use a stage name to sell your feet pics anonymously, but you still need to provide your real information while creating on any renowned platform.

3. Share your payment details

During the registration, you need to share your payment details with the platform you are using to accept payments for your feet pics.

Many of the platforms that allow men to sell feet pics handle the payment from their end without you having to worry about anything. That means you don’t need to share your payment details with your buyers to accept payment.

However, you still need to share your payment details with the platform to withdraw money to your personal bank account. Again, your banking details on these platforms will be safe and will not be shared anywhere unless and until you want to.

If you are selling feet pics on Twitter, Reddit or Instagram, then you might have to share your payment details directly with the buyers, as these platforms do not have any payment handling systems.

4. Upload your feet pics

You are almost set in the pursuit of whether can men sell feet pics, and all you have to do now is upload your feet pics on the chosen platform for your buyers to make money.

Make sure you upload quality feet pics under your profile on any platform to lure potential buyers into buying them. Take feet pics like a pro using some nice photography skills and equipment to convince your buyers to buy feet pics from you.

Also, be regular in uploading those feet pics under your profile because if you miss your schedule, then the buyers might look somewhere else to meet their needs.

And as the men’s feet pic market is highly competitive, it would be difficult to gain the market once you lose it.

5. Promote on social media

Use of social media is a must for guy feet pic sellers if they want to expand their customer base and make a name for themselves. As social media has millions of potential feet pic buyers, use them to lure buyers into your profile to sell feet pics.

Almost all the major social media platforms allow you to promote your feet pic selling profiles without any restrictions.

However, you still need to be careful and mark your posts as above 18 or NSFW on some of the social media networks as selling feet pics as a man comes within the vicinity of adult content creation.

Use relevant hashtags for selling feet pics on the platform you choose to promote your profile to increase your online presence and attract more buyers.

6. Sell feet pics as a man

You are now all set to sell feet pic as a guy on the platform of your choice for a great price. Following all the steps mentioned above will get you a certain number of buyers to whom you can sell your feet pics.

You can be a foot model on any of the renowned platforms and start selling feet pics to brands, agencies or even feet fetish lovers to earn money.

Sell feet pics as a man

Make sure you don’t reveal your real identity and details anywhere to make sure selling feet is not dangerous and you encounter any problems.

These are some of the steps you need to follow to sell feet pics as a man, irrespective of the platform you choose.

The only thing you need to remember when you think about how to sell feet pics as a man is that you need to put in some extra effort when you start your journey in this business to establish a name and brand for yourself.

Where to sell men’s feet pics?

Now that we have looked at how to sell feet pics as a guy, let us look at where to sell men’s feet pics without having to compromise your safety.

1. FeetFinder

FeetFinder is one of the best platforms to sell feet pics as a man on the internet and earn money. To start selling feet pics on FeetFinder, you must begin with the registration process.

To complete registration on FeetFinder, you’ll need to provide a selfie and a valid government ID, after which you can begin selling pictures of your feet to those with a foot fetish.

The platform has a unique feature where uploaded feet photos are automatically blurred and only unblurred when a buyer makes a payment to prevent scammers from getting free content.

As a seller, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee of $4.99 per month or $14.99 per year to access FeetFinder’s services. The platform also offers premium services for a fee of $14.99 per month or $29.99 per year and deducts 20% from your total earnings made from selling feet pictures on the platform.

Payments are processed through Paxum and Segpay, and your earnings will be added to your FeetFinder profile. You must request a payout from the platform to transfer funds to your personal account. Payments for US sellers are processed through Segpay, while sellers from other parts of the world receive their pay through Paxum.

FeetFinder Reviews of a guy

FeetFinder is the most trusted app on the internet by many sellers to sell feet pics, and you can choose the same to sell your feet pics as a man.

2. Foap

Founded in 2011, Foap is an app that allows interested buyers to purchase photos from over 3 million creators in various categories. It is a legitimate app for selling feet pictures online, and unlike NSFW platforms, it is primarily used by brands and advertising agencies.

To get started on Foap, simply download the app, fill out the registration form as a seller, and provide a government ID for verification. You must be over 18 years old to register as a valid seller.

After registration, make sure to upload high-quality and clear pictures for selling on the app. Foap automatically adds watermarks to uploaded photos, which can only be removed once someone pays for them.

Foap deducts 50% of each sale made through the platform. For instance, if you price a feet picture at $20, you will only receive $10 after the sale, with the remaining $10 going into Foap’s pocket as a commission for providing you with a marketplace.

Selling feet pics on Foap is very much easy and safe, and most of the buyers on the platform are foot care products and brands needing some good feet pics.

3. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a popular platform for hosting adult content, with minimal restrictions on the type of content that can be sold.

It boasts over 150 million active users, making it a thriving marketplace for various products, including feet pics. On average, interested sellers earn around $1000 per month by selling feet pictures on OnlyFans.

To get started with selling feet pics on OnlyFans, you must first create an account. Anyone over the age of 18 can join the platform. After signing up, you must complete a small verification process by providing a valid government ID, which may take up to 72 hours.

Once verified, you can begin selling your feet pictures to potential buyers.

OnlyFans charge no fees for setting up your account and creating a profile. However, once you start earning money on the platform, OnlyFans will deduct a 20% commission from your total earnings.

4. Reddit

You can sell feet pics as a man on the social media giant Reddit legally and make money like any other feet pic selling platform.

Reddit is a social media platform designed for discussing a wide range of topics. It is very permissive with the content it hosts and permits its users to sell and post any legal items.

From used underwear to feet pictures, Reddit is an excellent marketplace for selling various goods.

Selling feet pictures on Reddit is a straightforward process. All you need to do is register on the platform and confirm that you are over 18 years old.

Once you have completed these two steps, you can start selling your feet pictures on the platform without any hassle. There are two ways to sell feet pictures on Reddit.

You can either join an existing subreddit with a group of followers interested in buying feet pictures and selling your feet pics to them, or you can create your subreddit to sell feet pictures on the platform.

The best part of selling feet pictures on Reddit is that there are no fees for using its services. It is completely free, and whatever you earn on the platform is yours to keep.

However, you must follow the platform’s rules and regulations when selling your feet pictures.

Other than these platforms, you can also sell feet pics on Instagram, Whisper, Etsy, Craigslist etc., to make money.

Choose the platform you are comfortable with and feel where you can make the most money.

How much to charge for men’s feet pics?

There is no fixed amount to charge for men’s feet pics on any platform. Usually, men’s feet pic sellers charge somewhere between $5 to $10 per feet pic, depending on their popularity.

And, if you are popular and have a huge customer base, you can obviously sell them at a higher price than this to earn good money.

There is no fixed price for men’s feet pics; it all depends on you and your customer base. Depending on the popularity and the money you want to make, you can charge your feet pics accordingly.

How much do men earn by selling feet pics?

How much can a guy make selling feet pics is the next question that comes to anybody’s mind who thinks can men sell feet pics?

It all depends on how popular you are and how big is your customer base. Men’s feet pic sellers make around $600 to $950 per month by selling foot content on different platforms.

It also depends on the platform you choose. For example, FeetFinder is a de dedicated marketplace for marketing agencies and feet pic lovers, and you can earn big as opposed to selling feet pics on Twitter, where you have a more diverse and distributed audience.

Men’s feet pic sellers are making $4000 a month just by selling feet pics, and even you can join them in their journey by following the steps mentioned in this article.


Selling feet pics as a man is gaining more popularity than one can imagine. With many platforms willing to offer their services for men’s feet pic sellers, many are interested in selling feet pics as a man and making great money.

So, is there a market for men’s feet pics? Definitely, there is. 

If you are over 18 and interested in selling feet pics, then you can choose FeetFinder as your feet pic selling platform and start selling feet pics as a man to earn good money. FeetFinder is an established name in the feet pic selling industry, and many sellers trust it to sell their feet pics and earn money. 

Obviously, there are pros and cons to selling feet pics as a man, but trust us, the pros of selling feet pics overpower the cons.

Follow the guidelines in the article to sell feet pics as a man and earn great money in the comfort of your home.

Thank you for reading!

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