How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures on OnlyFans

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Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

People are always curious to find different ways to earn extra money legally. While a few of them are still searching for ways, many have stumbled upon the idea of selling feet pics on OnlyFans and are making some extra cash through this side hustle.

OnlyFans is a content hosting platform with limited restrictions over the content it hosts. Although it is famous for the adult content it hosts on its platform, OnlyFans is used by many to post regular non-adult content as well. Not just hosting content, OnlyFans also acts as a good marketplace for many creators to sell their products through its platform.

Selling feet pics, used underwear, etc., are some of the products sold on OnlyFans by interested sellers. Anyone can legally sell their feet pics on OnlyFans, as long as they are over 18 and have rights to the image they sell. You can receive the payment for your feet pic sale on the platform through the OnlyFans account and then transfer it to your bank account by requesting a payout from OnlyFans.

Remember, OnlyFans deducts a 20% commission from your total earnings through its platform.

How much to charge for feet pictures on OnlyFans?

Once you have created a profile for yourself to sell feet pictures on OnlyFans, the next burning question you have is how much to charge for feet pictures on OnlyFans. Well, there is nothing set in stone as an answer to this question. It all depends on how good of a seller you are and how large is your customer base.

However, we will provide a basic guideline to help you decide on a price range for your feet pics on OnlyFans. These guidelines will help you understand how much do feet pics sell for on OnlyFans and help you decide on a price for your feet pics on OnlyFans.

If you are a beginner trying to sell your first feet pic on OnlyFans, it is advisable to begin at a low price. You can start as low as $3 for your pics and then go from there once you increase your popularity. Usually, sellers charge between $3 to $10 per pic when they first start selling feet pics on OnlyFans and gradually increase the price for each pic once they have gathered enough subscribers to their profile.

Screenshot of Onlyfans feet pic seller offering Free subscription for users Screenshot of Onlyfans feet pic seller offering Free subscription but charge for feet pic post

Look at the seller in the example above. She has kept the subscription charge free for her profile. However, she charges a minimalistic $5.99 to view her posts. You can also use the same technique to start your feet selling side hustle and start making money through it.

A few considerations that you must keep in mind before you decide on the price for your feet pic on OnlyFans are:

  • Number of subscribers you have
  • The profit you want to make
  • OnlyFans commission

How much does a feet pic model make on OnlyFans?

Again, the answer to this question depends on your popularity and customer base as a feet pic seller on OnlyFans. On average, you can earn from $100 to $1000 per month if done correctly.

Some even make more than that as they get famous. By following the guidelines on selling feet pics on OnlyFans, you can also establish yourself as one of the prominent foot pic sellers.

Factors affecting the price of feet pics on OnlyFans

There are plenty of people selling feet pics on OnlyFans, and you need to be the best among the rest to make maximum profit. Various factors determine the price of your feet pic, and we shall discuss some of them below:

  • Quality of the image

The quality of the image is one of the prominent factors that affect the price of your feet pic on OnlyFans. People tend to pay a higher fee for high-quality photos that are clear and show your feet beautifully. Blurry and low-definition photos might convince buyers to look somewhere else.

Also, posting quality photos shows your dedication to the business, and buyers will often come back to buy feet pics from you for the effort you have put in. Please make sure you have proper lighting, a good backdrop, and an excellent camera to click images of your feet before posting it for sale on OnlyFans.

  • Maintain variety in your posts

Posting the same kind of feet pics on your profile might not be a great idea to increase your reputation as a feet pic seller. People demand variety, and if you keep posting different types of feet pics, people will spend more to view or buy them from you.

There are a variety of feet pic categories under which you can post your feet images. Some are feet with ornaments, pedicured feet, painted nails, feet with socks, etc.

You can try these different categories to post your feet pics to keep the interest level of your buyers consistent. Also, it will help you to increase the price of feet pics on your profile.

  • Promote wherever you can

Marketing your profile is a great way to increase your customer base to sell feet pics on OnlyFans. Many social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, etc., allow you to promote your OnlyFans feet pic selling profile. You can use these social media networking giants to promote your profile and increase your customer base, which will, in turn, help you to increase the price of your feet pics.

Along with promotion, you can also sell feet pics on Reddit. Even on Twitter, you can sell feet pics legally in addition to promoting your profile on it.

How to make more money other than selling feet pics on OnlyFans?

Well, selling feet pics on Onlyfans is one of the many side hustles you can follow to earn extra money along with your regular income. Besides selling feet pics on OnlyFans, there are a few more ways to make some extra money, and we shall discuss that in this section.

  • Sell used panties 

In addition to selling feet pics, you can also sell used underwear online to boost your bank balance. And if you are worried about your identity being revealed while selling used panties, then you can be worry-free as you can do this side hustle anonymously.

You can sell used panties on Reddit as the platform has minimal restrictions over the types of posts you post on its platform. Also, you can use Instagram to sell used panties and make some extra money anonymously.

  • Sell feet pics on other platforms

OnlyFans is not the only platform where you can sell feet pics legally. Many other websites act as significant marketplaces that allow you to monetize by selling feet pics on their platform. Some of the well-known feet selling websites are:

Not just these dedicated websites, but you can also sell feet pics on the social media networking giants like Reddit, Twitter, etc.

  • Sell nudes

Selling nudes is another excellent way to earn extra money. Many models and performers are doing it as an additional source of income, and you can follow in their footsteps. OnlyFans, Fanvue, and Fansly are some of the marketplaces where you can sell your nudes for a price.


If done correctly, selling feet pics can be an excellent profitable side hustle for many. And if you have any doubts about how much to charge for feet pictures on OnlyFans, this article will help you clear those doubts.

Always remember pricing the feet pics is not the same for everyone. It all depends on how popular you are and how extensive your customer base is. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to increase your customer base and market value for your feet pics on OnlyFans.

Look at the model from the above example in this article talking about her earnings in her YouTube video. She has earned $142 until now just by posting 7 images under her OnlyFans profile. You can follow in her footsteps to establish yourself as one of the prominent sellers of feet pics on OnlyFans to make extra money.

Hopefully, this article has answered your question regarding how much to charge for feet pics on OnlyFans and helped you decide on the price.

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