How to Make Money on OnlyFans As a Guy?

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Written By Nancy Munson

Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Earning money on OnlyFans has become such a lucrative business these days, because of which plenty of people are joining the platform.

98% of the 2.1 million creators on OnlyFans are adult content creators, highlighting the dominance of adult content creators on the platform.

From selling used panties on OnlyFans to selling feet pics, adult content creators use the platform in several ways to make money.

However, there is a misconception that only women are successful creators on OnlyFans and men cannot make big money.

Well, is this true? Can you make money on OnlyFans as a guy?

If so, how much do guys make on onlyfans?

We answer all these questions and more in this article and help all male adult content creators better understand the platform.

Can men be creators on OnlyFans?

Yes, men can definitely be creators on OnlyFans, as the platform has no restrictions against male creators.

As long as you are over 18 and are legally allowed to use OnlyFans in the region you reside, then as a guy, you can use OnlyFans without any restrictions.

You can post any type of content that OnlyFans legally accepts as a male creator without any hassle or worries.

There are thousands of male OnlyFans creators already, like the one shown in the image below, and you can join them on the platform to share your content.

Can men make money on OnlyFans?

Definitely, guys can make money on OnlyFans. There are many ways to do it, and we will talk about different ideas that guys can try to create content about and earn money.

When male creators employ effective methodologies, maintain a consistent presence, and actively share content on their OnlyFans profiles, their potential to earn might even surpass that of their female counterparts.

When you have different methods to make money on OnlyFans without a following, it is a no-brainer to think can men make money on OnlyFans?

How to make money on OnlyFans as a guy?

There is not much difference between the earning ways for female content creators and male content creators.

The steps followed are almost the same; however, there are certain nuances that you need to take care of as a male OnlyFans creator to make a difference.

Here are specific steps that one needs to follow as a male creator on OnlyFans.

1. Create an account

Like any other platform, one needs to create an account on OnlyFans to start posting content, and it is the same for male creators on OnlyFans as well.

You can use your regular email address to create your account on OnlyFans or use your Twitter or Google credentials to set up your account.

After creating your account, you’ll need to complete the OnlyFans verification process, which typically takes around 72 hours. Once this process is finished, you’ll be able to begin using the platform to distribute your content.

2. Write a good bio

Creating an interesting bio on OnlyFans is really important. This helps people get a good first impression of you and also enables you to get more people who want to follow you.

To get more followers on OnlyFans, having an excellent bio is very important. When you write your bio, think about a few essential things:

  • What kind of content are you going to share?
  • Telling people how much your content costs.
  • Share links to your other social media accounts.
  • You can also talk about your wishlist and other things you want to tell your followers.

You can check out some OnlyFans caption ideas to help you write your bio.

Getting more people to follow you on OnlyFans depends on how attractive your profile is. So, don’t be afraid to make it a little interesting and exciting. You can also use emojis to make your bio look even better.

You can use Lucas Hall’s profile as an example to create a profile for yourself.

3. Choose your niche

This might sound obvious, but it’s super important for how well you do on the platform. If you’re not sure what kind of stuff to share on OnlyFans, you might not get many people following you. If you’re confused about what you’re doing, then your followers won’t know what they’re following you for, either.

So, you need to decide what type of stuff you want to share and choose a niche before you start putting it on your OnlyFans page.

Here are some popular categories that guys often use on OnlyFans:


As I mentioned before, most people on OnlyFans share adult content. Since not everyone on the platform is straight, there’s a big demand for content by gay men. If you’re gay, you could make a lot of money from people who are interested in the same thing.

Size of the cock

The size of your cock is another niche that you can choose. Depending on your build, you can choose your target audience and post content in that particular category.

Straight sexual content

Another way guys can make money on OnlyFans is by making content with their partner, girlfriend, or any female model. Lots of people like watching private videos and pictures of couples, so they might want to subscribe to your account, too.

Sell feet pics

Another less talked about niche, but a profitable one is selling feet pics as a man. There is a massive audience for men’s feet pics on the platform, and you can encash their interest to make money on OnlyFans as a guy.

4. Create quality content

In the world of OnlyFans, the most important thing is to have really good stuff to share. The people who follow you and pay to see your content want it to be worth their money. This means you should make sure what you’re sharing is something they’ll be excited about. It’s like giving them something cool in exchange for what they pay.

To do this, you need to:

Keep Things Fresh: 

Update your content often. Imagine if you’re following someone, and they hardly ever post anything new – that’s not very fun, right? So, try to put up new things along with your chosen niche regularly to keep your subscribers interested.


Choose Interesting and Trending Topics

Create content about things that your followers will find interesting. It could be things related to your niche or what they’re into. 

Make it Engaging

Your content should make your followers want to interact with you. Ask questions, reply to comments, and create content that sparks conversations. This helps build a community and keeps people coming back for more.

Remember, your subscribers are investing in your content, so make sure it’s something they’ll be happy to see and be a part of.

5. Post regularly

When you think about how much do men make on OnlyFans, there is one thing that you need to worry about: how consistent you are.

Understanding what content your audience wants is important, but knowing how often to share is also crucial.

Putting out lots of content doesn’t always mean you’ll make more money. It’s already known that you should always share really good stuff that people want to see.

But if you can’t promise to share awesome videos and pictures all the time, it’s better to do it only when you can.

You need to figure out how often you can give people what they want – and make sure every time you share something, it’s really worth the money they paid for it!

Tips for making more money on OnlyFans as a guy

Now that you know certain steps to set up on OnlyFans as a guy, let us look at some extra tips for making more money on OnlyFans as a guy.

1. Use social media effectively

Just making your OnlyFans account and sharing content there isn’t enough. You also need to tell people about it on social media. The best way to do this is by creating separate accounts just for talking about your OnlyFans content.

Even if you don’t get followers directly from OnlyFans, you can get people from social media to start following you.

Some good places to talk about your OnlyFans are Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr. And don’t forget TikTok – it’s a great way to show off your OnlyFans videos.

To make it easier, you can use a tool called Linktree. It helps you put all your social media links in one place. Then, you can share this one link on your Instagram, and people can find all your other accounts from there.

2. Interact with your fans

Another less talked about aspect about being a guy OnlyFans creator is interacting with your fans. Interacting with your fans is important to keep your fans engaged in your content and loyal to your profile.

Your interactions with your fans will create a feeling of being valued among them, and it will build a good reputation within the OnlyFans male adult content creators community.

3. Try different things

Although it is advisable to stick to a niche to build a brand for yourself on OnlyFans as a guy, it is sometimes advisable to try different new things to keep your audience on their toes.

Try things that are trending, or look at your competitors as what they are doing to keep up with the trend and competition to make money on OnlyFans as a guy.

4. Collaborate with fellow OnlyFans creators

People sometimes forget about this way to earn money on OnlyFans, which is collaborating with fellow OnlyFans creators to create content.

If creators of similar interests and passion team up and make a video or do something live together, the followers of that other person will notice you and your followers will notice them, too.

If you both do really well, the number of your followers could increase. So, find other OnlyFans creators who make similar stuff and might want to work together.

Just send them a message and ask if they’re interested. You never know when something good might come out of it!

5. Sell merchandises

OnlyFans is a website where people can post different kinds of stuff, as long as it’s okay by the rules. While it’s famous for having grown-up content, some folks use it for other things.

Another good thing about OnlyFans is that you can also use it like an online shop to sell different things, along with sharing your stuff.

For example, you can sell your own things or physical items. Some sellers sell clothes, apparel and many other things on OnlyFans and make lots of money, sometimes thousands of dollars each month.

Selling used panties on OnlyFans as a guy is also something that many people do and do well.

Successful male OnlyFans creators

Like women OnlyFans creators, there are some successful male OnlyFans creators on the platform who are making a name and fame for themselves.

Here is a table of the top OnlyFans male creators.

Username or Name Profile Picture Subscribers Subscription Charge


Source: OnlyFans
1.25 Million $12.99 per month


Source: OnlyFans
1.19 Million $12.99 per month



Source: OnlyFans
833.9 Thousand $9.99 per month


Source: OnlyFans
764.6 Thousand $15.99 per month
($7.20 for first 31 days)
Jayden Rembacher


Source: OnlyFans
759.5 Thousand $9.95 per month
($3.48 for first 31 days)


How much to charge as a male OnlyFans creator?

There is no fixed scale on how much one can charge as a male OnlyFans creator, as it all depends on your number of followers and the content you are making.

You can follow our OnlyFans price list to get a better understanding of the prices while pricing your content.

As a male Onlyfans creator, you can charge $3 to $5 per picture and $7 to $10 on average for videos.

These are tentative prices, and you can charge more than these prices if you have confidence in your content and followers.

How much do men make on OnlyFans?

This question is again dependent on the number of followers you have and how consistent you are on the platform.

On average, male OnlyFans creators make around $550 to $1700 per month through their content.

And again, this is not a fixed amount that men make on OnlyFans, and it can be more than this.

If you are consistently uploading quality content catering to the needs of your viewers, then you can definitely earn more than the average.


Lots of guys find ways to earn money on OnlyFans. Currently, there are more women on the platform, but many people are interested in content from men, too.

If you follow the advice mentioned in the blog above, there’s a big possibility that you can also make money on OnlyFans as a guy.

However, it requires you to be consistent, thoughtful, and dedicated. If you truly enjoy what you’re doing, it won’t be long before you start getting subscriptions!

But if you don’t want to use OnlyFans and create your own fansite like OnlyFans as a guy, you have that option as well.

xModel is a ready-to-use script that helps models and creators in creating their own websites, and enables them to easily earn money from their content.

With strong features and different ways to make money, creators can use their fan following to increase their earnings a lot. xModel is user-friendly, strong, and the best way to start making more money.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand making money on onlyfans as a guy.

Thank you for reading!

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