OnlyFans Price List 2023: Guide to Perfectly Pricing Your Content!

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Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Creators truly know the earning potential of OnlyFans, because of which there are thousands of creators joining the platform on a daily basis. But having an OnlyFans price list for your content is the biggest problem one can face as a budding creator.

With the possibility for creators to make money on OnlyFans without a following, the platform has become the dream destination for adult content creators to make money. 

But how much to charge for your content on OnlyFans?

What are the factors to consider before setting the charge for your content on OnlyFans?

What is the minimum subscription price on OnlyFans?

Well, if these questions bother you as an adult creator on OnlyFans, then you are at the right place to find your answers.

Factors to consider when making the OnlyFans price list

Creators on OnlyFans do not have the same price for their content or their profile. Each of the creator’s prices varies, and they depend on several factors.

Here is a list of factors that need to be considered while pricing your OnlyFans content.

1. OnlyFans commission rate

OnlyFans charges a flat 20% commission on all your earnings on the platform. This is a fixed commission on the platform and is the same for all the creators.

So, while fixing your price for your content, consider this 20% commission rate and include it in the cost to keep yourself in profit.

2. Money spent creating the content

Content creation on OnlyFans is not at all cheap. With OnlyFans being the best adult creator platform, you need to spend a good amount of money to come up with quality content under your profile.

Two types of costs are involved in producing content on OnlyFans: fixed cost and variable cost. There is a fixed cost, which does not change over time and includes things like cameras, lighting, editing software, and microphones.

The other cost is the variable cost, which varies depending on the setup and scenes you shoot. Location, co-actors, props for the scene, and any other requirements for the shoot are some of the varying charges that add to your total cost of the content.

You have to include this cost while you are pricing your content, as this is the money you will want to earn back from your content.

Unlike the commission rate, which is fixed, money spent on the content keeps varying. So you can keep different prices for each of your content or add it directly to your subscription charges to earn it back. 

3. Charges for the co-creator

Sometimes, you must create content while partnering with fellow online creators to increase your fanbase.

It is a great idea to produce content with another OnlyFans creator, as it would help you come up with fresh ideas and engaging content.

In such cases, you will have to pay the charges for those co-creators to be in your content. The charges for your co-creators vary depending on their popularity and interest in collaborating with you.

As audiences on OnlyFans will be longing for some exciting collaborations, it is advisable to collaborate with your fellow OnlyFans creators like the one shown in the tweet below to increase your fan base and income.

4. Customer base you have

Another interesting factor that determines your OnlyFans price list is the number of subscribers or followers you have. The more the number of subscribers, the more autonomy you have to fix the price for your content.

You can either charge a higher price for your content if you are confident that your followers will pay for it or charge a nominal fee to keep your subscribers’ interest intact in your account.

Most of the creators who have a significant number of followers under their belt usually have a nominal charge for their account so that they can attract more subscribers, and you can also follow the same strategy.

For example, Dani Daniels, a leading pornstar with millions of followers under her account, charges $5 for the first 31 days and $9.99 every month after that.

OnlyFans Models Customer Base
Source: OnlyFans

5. Profit you want to make

The important factor you want to consider while choosing the OnlyFans price list is the money you want to make through your content on the platform.

Don’t try to be greedy and fix a higher price for your account in an attempt to make all the money at once, as it might backfire.

Price your OnlyFans content moderately to make sure you can make loads of money in the long run.

Set an achievable figure you want to earn, and depending on it, set your charges for your account.

For example, if you want to make $1000 net profit per month through your OnlyFans, then you need to calculate the expenses you make on the content and the number of subscribers you have and then set your OnlyFans price accordingly.

OnlyFans pricing guide: How much to charge your content?

The charges for your OnlyFans content depend on the type of content you are posting. You can set a subscription fee for your entire account and then charge for some of your independent content that is potentially high-earning.

Here is a list of things that determine your OnlyFans price list on your account.

1. Type of content you post

Your OnlyFans price list depends entirely on the content type you post.

Images and text content (blogs, if you are an erotic writer on OnlyFans) are low cost content. As posting an image is a bit easier when compared to posting a video, you can post as many images as possible to compensate for the disparity in the pricing.

Videos are one of the fast moving and high earning content on OnlyFans. People on OnlyFans tend to pay a higher price for enticing videos.

So, you can naturally price your videos at a slightly higher price than the rest of the content. Also, the making cost of the video is comparatively higher than the images or blogs.

2. Value you provide through the content

To begin, take a moment to contemplate the nature of your content and how it resonates with your intended audience.

Suppose it is premium content and is exclusive. In that case, you stand in a position where you can command a higher price for your content, especially if you’ve established yourself as a prominent creator within a distinct and specialized niche or if you boast a substantial and devoted fan following.

When assessing the price point for your content, it’s crucial to factor in the exceptional value it provides.

Premium content holds an allure that can justify a higher fee, as it tends to cater to a specific need or desire that your audience might possess. This exclusivity and its inherent quality can undoubtedly influence the amount you can reasonably charge.

Moreover, your position as a creator plays a pivotal role. If you’ve carved out a unique space for yourself within a particular niche, your content gains a competitive edge, making it a coveted resource.

Likewise, a sizable and engaged fan base reflects the depth of your influence and popularity. This popularity translates into greater demand for your content, allowing you to leverage your fan base’s enthusiasm to justify a higher pricing structure.

3. What and all can I charge on OnlyFans?

Images and videos are the most charged and priced content on OnlyFans. Here are the variations within those types of content, along with a few other things for which you can seek money on OnlyFans.

Custom content

Custom content is a great way to make money on OnlyFans. As the subscribers will make this request, they will be willing to pay a great amount of money towards the content.

Therefore, depending on the difficulty and feasibility of the content, you can charge appropriately toward the custom content. 

Custom content charges on OnlyFans

Look at the creator above, who is asking her followers to send in custom requests so that she can charge extra for such content. Even you can do the same.

Live streams

You can set a price for live streams on your account for your fans to access it. This way, you can gain new followers and earn money when you are just trying to break into OnlyFans.Feet pics

You can sell feet pics on OnlyFans to all the feet fetish lovers who consistently look for great feet pics on the platform.

Along with feet pics, you can also sell hand pics, boob pics, butt pics and pictures of your body parts to make money.

Sell used panties and merchandise

Another exciting part of being on OnlyFans is that you can sell used panties on OnlyFans for a great deal of money. There are people who always want to get their hands on some used panties, and this can be your opportunity.

You can also sell used socks, lingerie and any other used or unused apparel to make money on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans price list: Sample prices for your content

If you are confused about fixing a price for your OnlyFans content, then the table below should help you in creating your OnlyFans price list.

Here is the table with the price list for OnlyFans pricing guide.

Note: You can sell everything at a very discounted price or for free for a given time on OnlyFans if you wish to. Other than that, there is a minimum fee for each type of content you need to set, which we will talk about in the table below.

Type Minimum Price Maximum Price Recommended Price
Subscription $4.99 $50 $4.99 to $9.99 is the optimal subscription fee for your profile, as this is a reasonable price, and many would like to buy your subscription.
Images $3 $50 $5 per image is the standard price.
Videos $3 $50 $8 to $10 is the standard price for a 10 minute video.
Tips $3 $100 for new users and $200 for users over 4 months Depends on your fans
Paid Private Messages/Direct Messages $3 $100 $5 to $7 is the recommended price for private messages

Tips to set price for your OnlyFans content

Now that you have an idea for the price list of OnlyFans let us talk about some tips to help you decide better.

Experiment with your price

Rather than deciding and sticking to a price, trying different prices and seeing what works better for you is better.

Once you feel that your subscribers are increasing for a given price and the content you post, you can stick to that particular price.

Check the price of your competitor

See how much your competitors are pricing their content in your chosen niche. Depending on your competitor’s price, price your content appropriately to gain a competitive edge in the business.

Keep optimum price

Make sure the price you fix for your content is neither lower nor higher by the OnlyFans standard. 

Lower prices can cause your potential customers to presume your content to be not worthy, and higher prices can become unaffordable for many.

Therefore, find a price that is optimum and fix that as your price for your content on OnlyFans.


OnlyFans is the leading name in the adult content creation space. With thousands of adult creators wanting to join the platform daily, pricing OnlyFans content is a challenging task.

As there are many parameters that need to be considered before you create an OnlyFans price list, it can be overwhelming for newcomers.

However, we have tried to answer the question about how to create an OnlyFans price list for all the creators.

The number of customers, type of content, and the content’s budget are some factors one needs to consider before deciding the OnlyFans price list for their account.

Hopefully, this article has given the idea for the OnlyFans creators to decide on their price.

Thank you for reading!

FAQ Related to OnlyFans Price List

1. How much money should I charge on my OnlyFans?

There is no fixed amount as to how much should you charge for your OnlyFans content. It all depends on your popularity and the customer base you have. You can charge anywhere between the minimum price and the maximum price discussed in the table above.

2. What is the minimum subscription price on OnlyFans?

$4.99 is the minimum subscription price that a creator can set on OnlyFans.

3. What should you consider when pricing your OnlyFans subscription price?

Your popularity, budget for your content and the customer base you have are the three important factors that you need to consider before setting up the subscription price on OnlyFans.

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