Fansly Payment Options: How Does Fansly Pay For its Creators?

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Written By Nancy Munson

Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

The emergence of subscription-based adult content creation space has paved the way for many content hosting platforms. And among those, Fansly is one. With over 40,000 subscribers, Fansly is one of the significant adult content hosting platforms where it allows its creators to post content and earn money through it. Here users can pay using different payment methods and subscribe to their favorite content creators to access their content.

Fansly payment methods range from all major credit and debit cards to modern cryptocurrency.  Users can use any of these Fansly payment options to make payments, access their preferred content, and support the creator. And as far as creators are concerned, they can make money quickly using the platform. Easy linking of bank accounts and quick payouts have made Fansly one of the go-to destinations for adult content creators.

Users or creators, if you have any burning questions about payment and payout options on Fansly, then you are at the right place to find your answers.

Here we shall try to answer questions like,

  • What are different Fansly payment methods?
  • As a creator, how can I request a payout from Fansly?
  • What is the minimum Fansly payout?

Without further ado, let us start clearing your doubts right away.

Fansly payment methods for users

As said before, Fansly accepts all major debit and credit cards as a mode of payment on its website from the users. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro, etc., are some of the cards that you can use. But, hey, don’t worry if you don’t have any of the following cards; you can still use the card you have on Fansly as long as it works at a shopping center near you. Along with the existing options, users can request any different payment methods of their choice as Fansly is attempting to add additional payment methods to its platform in the future.

Fansly payment methods

Now that we have discussed different options for users to pay, we shall look at how creators can make money. But before that, we need to understand an essential thing: Fansly payout and Fansly payout percentage.

What is Fansly Payout?

It is the money earned by creators on the platform that Fansly pays when asked. As a creator, you get paid for posting your content on the platform at your request. And this payment to you is known as a payout.

What and how much is Fansly payout percentage?

As a hosting platform, Fansly retains a portion of your earnings for its services. In this case, Fansly cuts a 20% commission from your total revenue as a service charge for posting your content on its website. The total earnings you see in your earning wallet are minus that commission. 

Adding payout method on Fansly

Once you have completed the application process for being a creator and have verified yourself, the next step is to add a payout method. You need to add the payment method to get paid for the content you posted on Fansly. Adding a payout method is a simplistic job on the platform.

Choose “Add Payout Method” from the site menu and select a suitable payment method from the given option to transfer the fund from the platform to your account.

Add Payout Method on FanslyDifferent ways of Fansly payout

Presently, Fansly offers only limited ways to request a payout, and we will find out what they are in the following section.

Different ways of Fansly payout

After the 20% commission received by the platform from your earning wallet, you can transfer the remaining 80% of your earnings to one of the following payment options.

Creators can request their payout through Skrill, Paxum, Bank Transfer, or Cryptocurrency (in selected countries) at this point. Fansly is making every effort to add new payout methods for the convenience of its creators.


You can request a Fansly payout to your digital Skrill wallet and then transfer the same to any of your bank accounts after paying a $5 service charge to Skrill.


If you request your payout to Paxum, the minimum payout should be $25, and Paxum charges a 0.05% commission on your incoming transfer.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is one of the easiest and simplest Fansly payment methods to receive your Fansly earnings. Creators can request Fansly to transfer the fund earned through their profile on Fansly to their linked bank accounts after paying regulatory charges depending on the bank.


Cryptocurrencies are another Fansly payout method creators can use to get paid for their content. However, cryptocurrency payout is available in only selected countries, and you can check whether you are eligible for the type of transfer during the payout request.

How to request a payout on Fansly?

After selecting a suitable payout option, creators can request their payout with a simple click of a button. Then, you can withdraw as much as you want from your earnings wallet over the minimum payout amount.

Request a payout on Fansly

What is the minimum Fansly payout?

You can request a withdrawal for a minimum of $20. With the acceptance of several Fansly payment options from the users, creators can easily make and withdraw over $20 through their profile.

How long do payments remain pending?

Earnings by the creator will be pending for 7 days from the day of transaction or sale. After 7 days, the creator can request a payout through a mode of their choice, and Fansly will transfer the fund in 1-2 business days.

How to check Fansly payout request status?

As a creator, you can check the status of your payout using the site menu. Click on the “Add Payout Method” from the site menu, which will take you to the Earnings Wallet. And your payout status will be listed under Payout Requests on that page.

Your Payout Status can be either;

  • Pending – Which means it is waiting for approval from Fansly.
  • Approved – Meaning it has been approved and is ready to be dispatched.
  • Processing – Approved by Fansly, the funds are on their way to your selected payout account.
  • Processed – Money transfer is completed.

Is my Country allowed to receive payouts from Fansly?

If you are allowed to post content on Fansly from your country, then you can receive payouts without any hassle or worry.


Fansly is one of the emerging names in the adult content creation industry. With the flexibility of allowing users to use different payment options to view the content of the creators on the website, Fansly is doing its best to enhance the user experience. Also, creators on the platform can earn and transfer the money to their accounts effortlessly.

Easy-to-use menus and a simplistic payout requesting process have made the creators fall in love with the platform and use it consistently. Creators have to wait only 7 days from the day of the transaction to request any payouts, and then the payout will be transferred to their choice of account in 1-2 days. And Fansly is also asking the creators to suggest additional features to improve their experience.

With these many flexibilities, Fansly does stand out as one of the best adult content creator spaces, and as a content creator, you can join the platform to make some money with a near easy process.

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