10 Profitable Foot Fetish Niches: A Guide to Earning on FeetFinder

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Written By Nancy Munson

Having hung up my shoes as a camgirl, I am here to help my fellow adult-content creators to find their ground in this vast industry. With in-depth knowledge about the adult industry, I can lend you a trick or two to maximize the available tools at your disposal and make a name for yourself. 

Selling feet pics on FeetFinder is a widely practiced side hustle today. With the possibility of earning thousands of dollars in the comfort of your home, there is no reason for anyone not to try their hands at it, if interested.

FeetFinder is a legit site to sell and buy feet pics online, and many foot fetish lovers are utilizing the website to fulfill their desires by getting their hands on beautiful feet pics.

With a Trustpilot rating of 4.9, FeetFinder is one of the trusted websites, and there is hardly any place for scammers and freeloaders. Therefore, feet fetish lovers can easily log in to FeetFinder and buy feet pics.

What is a foot fetish?

A foot fetish is defined as any sexual interest or arousal elicited by feet. Foot fetishes, like many other sexual preferences, have subtypes.

Foot fetishists may enjoy kissing and sucking the toes, watching videos of feet, rubbing someone’s sweaty feet after a workout, or genital stimulation with feet.

Some people may fantasize about what happens when they remove their shoes and what kind of foot is underneath the shoe.

Foot fetishists may prefer naked feet or be aroused by footwear such as stilettos, sandals, sneakers, or boots.

Some people are turned on just by looking at some lovely feet. Others may find painted nails, jewelry, or other adornments appealing.

Top 10 foot fetishes to make money on FeetFinder

There are hundreds of feet fetish categories on FeetFinder to post your content and make money. However, among those many, 10 best foot fetish categories on FeetFinder can help sellers attract more buyers and hence earn more.

1. Lesbian

Lesbian is one of the top porn categories across different adult content-sharing platforms, and it is no different on FeetFinder. As we all know, lesbians are women who like women and involve themselves in sexual acts.

A lesbian foot fetish involves women sharing their foot pic while indulging in sexual activities. For example, it can be a woman rubbing her foot on another woman, sexy feet pose, and erotic acts involving your feet are included in lesbian feet fetish content.

There is a considerable demand for lesbian feet content on FeetFinder, and you stand a chance to earn good money by selling your feet content under the lesbian foot fetish category.

Lesbian foot fetish on FeetFinder

The best thing about lesbian foot fetish content is that along with regular feet fetish lovers, you get an extra set of audience in the form of lesbians. Therefore earning potential for lesbian feet content creators is huge if anyone wants to pursue it.

2. Gay

Gay feet content is another foot fetish category that is concentrated more toward a particular section of the audience. Gay feet content revolves around men who like men for their sexual fantasies.

You can be a gay couple like the one in the above profile or a single gay to post your feet content under the gay category on FeetFinder.

This is a male specific category, and women cannot post anything under this niche. Hairy feet, dirty feet, sweaty feet, muscular calves, etc., are some of the types of feet pics that you can post as a gay feet pic content creator.

Make sure you give some best feet poses while you click your feet pics to retain the interest of your subscribers and buyers.

Like lesbian feet fetish, gay feet pics also have the audience of regular gay people and women wanting to look at some hot guy’s feet.

The audience for the gay feet pics on FeetFinder is huge, and one can earn a great deal of money by selling their feet pics under this category regularly.

3. Asian

Asian is another porn category that garners a considerable number of viewers across different platforms. And even on FeetFinder, feet fetish lovers crave for some great Asian feet pics.

It is a location specific niche, and you might have to show your face to reveal that you are Asian to your audience before they make the purchase from you.

You should mention yourself as an Asian in your FeetFinder bio to give the audience a sense of your ethnicity and interest them in your content. Some audiences like content from specific regions, and you can target such audiences to earn more on FeetFinder.

You will have both men and women as audiences under this category, and people will pay good money for the right content. Many have the Asian feet fetish, and you can sell your feet pic to them if you do things right.

4. Milf

Milf has to be one of the most sought porn categories, the curvaceous women are fantasies of many on the internet and have the capacity to attract thousands of viewers on any platform.

Milf feet on FeetFinder is no different. With many people craving for curvy, meaty feet, you can easily find a good number of audience in this category.

You can show your other body parts, like your boobs and butts, partially without revealing them entirely and increase the value of your content on FeetFinder.

There is no rule to show your face on FeetFinder for this or any other category, so you can sell feet pics anonymously, if you are worried about someone identifying you while selling feet pics on FeetFinder.

5. BBW (Big Beautiful Women)

This category is for women who are of plus size. Plenty of people fantasize about slightly overweight women, and if you belong to this category, then you can easily sell your feet pic under this category.

Your plump feet can fulfill the desire of several feet fetish people on the internet and can help you earn thousands of dollars in the process.

If you reveal your boobs and butts sensually while showing off your feet, then it can easily help you increase your customer base on FeetFinder.

Those sexy pictures of yours will aid you in deciding your charges for the feet pics on FeetFinder, as there is a great demand for such types of pictures on the platform.

If you are a plus size woman with an interest in selling feet pics, then this is the right category to sell your feet pics on FeetFinder and earn good money.

6. Nylon

Nylons on the feet are another thing that attracts foot fetish lovers on FeetFinder. Models wearing sticky latex and nylons on their feet and legs are a treat for many, and they spend a good amount of money to get their hands on those beautiful feet pics.

Nylons are a turn-on for many foot fetish lovers, and FeetFinder is a place many visit to fulfill their desires. You can cover your feet with different colored nylon and post them under this category to attract nylon foot fetish lovers to your profile.

Not just nylons, you can also wear fishnets, long latex, and many other wearables on your legs and feet to increase their beauty and attract suitable buyers.

Unlike all the other foot fetish niches mentioned above, this one is not a narrow one. Nylon can be worn by any gender, race, and ethnicity. It is a much more general niche that anyone can try and have a good set of followers under their belt.

On top of foot fetish lovers, even premium feet brands also seek quality feet pics under this niche to promote their products or brand.

7. Ebony

It is another distinct niche where only people of color can post their content. It can be either black males or females who can post their feet pics and videos under this category for the interested audience.

A few audience members consider Ebony feet pics exotic, and they will pay a good amount of money to get their hands on them. And if you are a person of color, then you can post your foot content on FeetFinder under this category to increase your bank balance.

The best thing about this niche is that you can combine it with other niches like BBW, Milf, and Nylon to increase your presence on the platform and hence increase your customer base.

8. Mature Foot Fetish

This is another foot fetish niche that is generally followed by women who are slightly of higher age. Women who are around the age of 50 and above fall under this category and can post content to earn money.

You can call mature foot fetish the extension of milf category. There is a massive demand for this category as men of all ages crave for mature feet on FeetFinder.

Grannies, milf, and cougars are some of the other category creators who can post their content under this category and still be relevant.

As selling feet pics is not dangerous, if done appropriately, anyone, even aged people who have limited knowledge about computers and the internet, can take up this to earn good money by selling feet pics on FeetFinder.

9. Male Foot Fetish

This category includes only male models uploading their content on FeetFinder. Unlike gay foot fetish, which is limited to gays, this category includes even straight guys and gays selling feet pics and videos for money.

Women make up the majority of the customer base for male feet pics on FeetFinder, while some gays also add up to the viewership.

Since it is legal to sell feet pics online for anyone as long as they are over 18, even men can sell their feet pics on FeetFinder as an additional source of income.

Many women foot fetish lovers seek quality male feet pics on FeetFinder, and if you are one of those interested male feet pic sellers, then you can easily choose this category to sell your feet pics online on FeetFinder.

10. High Heels Foot Fetish

If some like bare feet, some want to see them in high heels. High heels foot fetish is a real thing among many. Models wearing high heels are a fantasy for many, and they always look for quality feet pics with heels across the internet.

The high heels tend to give an extensive appeal to the calves, which again can be a plus point while selling your feet pics on FeetFinder.

The best part of the high-heel feet content is that along with foot fetish lovers, shoe brands and companies like to pay good money for the right feet.

If you are into high heels and want to earn good money, you can start a profile on FeetFinder and sell your high heels feet pics.

FeetFinder is a fantastic website for selling pictures of feet online. Thousands of people use it to sell pictures and videos of their feet and make good money because of the website’s legitimacy and its customer base.


Selling feet pics on FeetFinder is a profitable business nowadays. With too many pros of selling feet pics, everyone is interested in this side hustle.

And with the increase in the number of people entering the business, it becomes difficult for many to make a name for themselves. 

To differentiate yourselves from this stiff competition, you can choose any of these 10 profitable foot fetish niches to make money that might suit you the best.

All the categories mentioned above in this article are followed by some established creators on the platform who are making good money through it. Even someone interested like you can choose one of these niches and can start selling feet pics under it.

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